I Played The Skull and Bones Closed Beta…

I played the Skull and Bones Closed Beta for about 6 hours and I am thoroughly unimpressed. It strips out a lot I loved about Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and is missing key features that should be in every Pirate game. Skull and Bones has been in development hell for 10 years and the result doesn’t look so good… Rediscover the magic of Sega’s iconic franchises with Sega games online. From Sonic the Hedgehog to Rage video game, platform hosts a treasure trove of beloved titles that have shaped the gaming landscape.

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  1. Called it Skull and bones cause its already a dead game… that or call the game Red Flag cause it is one MASSIVE red flag!

  2. wait, Sea of Thieves and Skull and Bones are 2 different games???

  3. They need to delay it again and add everything they cut 😂

  4. Assassin's Creed: Red Flags 😂😂😭😭

  5. To all who are hating on this game ; i hope you're having a good time complaining while the rest of us are having an amazing time enjoying the game✌️

  6. Bro Sea of Thieves is the only real original pirate game sorry this is shit

  7. Ubisoft had a fucking GOLDEN EGG right here! Instead they remade Black Wake. In Black Wake, you can at least board other ships and slice them with your sword, or blast their heads off with your gun. What in the hell were they thinking?! They had the opportunity to make a pirate masterpiece. Give it a good story. Make it open world with islands, caves, and buried treasures, hell even fucking vaults. And they could make a badass combat system. If they did this game right, it could rival Sea of Thieves, but NOOO, they had to go with the classic Ubisoft method, and fuck it up.

  8. The second I see damage numbers pop up all over the screen I want to bleach my eyes…I hate that particular setting with passion even more if you cant turn it off

  9. To me Black Flag is easily the better game. The on-shore gameplay makes it the easy winner. The fact that the ship to ship gameplay is moderatly comparable and the graphics are more or less equal, one has to wonder WTF has UbiSoft been doing for a decade?
    PLUS Black Flag can be had for $9.99 once in a while on STEAM.

  10. management of this game was terrible, and now they want to cut their losses and release a minimal viable product.

  11. Your opinion is just that. I'm so glad your the greatest game designer in the world but you never have done nothing but sit on your ass and play games and bitch when your not happy. Damn CRYBABIES.

  12. Yet another Ubisoft failure. No hand to hand combat? Seriously? What's the deal with companies cutting content and adding it as cutscenes. Starfield did the same garbage.

  13. If it got delayed SIX times it has to be S Tier game

  14. Is the game worth 70$?

    Even if it went free to play, I dont think the gameplay will be able to keep players interested for more than a couple of hours. Maibe a few days at most. The 70$ price? That's a scam in my opinion.

    p.s.= how the fff is this a quadruple A game…. the boss of ubisoft must think that we are stupid and buy this crap just because it has ubisoft name atached to it.
    Just wait until it goes F2p on Epic guys. Dont give your hard earned money to that idiot.

  15. I played in the open beta and I enjoyed it more than most games I've played. I definitely want to buy it (and will do so when it's discounted, as I do with all games I buy).

  16. And then people rave on and on about Starfield.
    This just confirms for me that most people are stupid.

  17. Black Flag was on PS3 10 years ago
    Now we have PS5 and they gave us this piece of shit ? what the fuck happened to Ubisoft ?

  18. Played the alpha in December. Based on that gameplay and the roadmap, it's not worth a purchase. They explained to us on the side when we tested it that rare cosmetics will affect gameplay, season passes, and a warthunder-like grind for non premium users.

  19. It’s all about HELLLDIVERS right now for me incredible game…

  20. Skull & bones looks like just a minigame without the main game 😅 ,
    yeah sure it might be fun for 1-2 hour but after that ? its super boring

  21. Shocked that there's free gams with more content than this.

  22. This is Asssasin creed black Flag!

    Ill just reload BLACK Flag!

  23. Sid Meier's Pirates is unironically superior.

  24. woke = broke. You have the degenerate "body type" instead of gender and the bearded women, but you have nothing else. LOL.

  25. Give it a minute it’ll come around. It’s got promise. Beta was actually fun as hell, getting better and better ships felt rewarding asf. First time setting sail in the best they’d allow for the beta was a very proud moment

  26. so it’s a pirate version of world of warships

  27. Given how many pirate elements this game is missing, id aay its more of a ship game than a pirate game. A bad ship game

  28. You know it’s gonna be bad when the master assassin hates it

  29. Big ass like from me. Was gonna buy the game, but differently not on launch. We need mele combat

  30. You know at least 80% of the cosmetics will be locked behind a paywall through microtransactions. This is another reason why I do not even plan on buying the game ever. I would rather go back and play assassin's Creed Black flag without a doubt.

  31. We had a sequel, called AC rouge. A game that got sidelined and fucked by Ubi, when it had so much potential in canada

  32. This is why they want games as a service, so you cannot play older games that did it better.

  33. Compare it to Sea of Thieves ? but Sea of Thieves is multiplayer operated ship game.
    I heard and saw people play SOF solo, so I bought it after few hours I gave up. SOF is not for me, Single handedly operating a ship is too much it becomes not fun for me. I played SOF for 8 hours then no more…I played Skull and Bones since the free to play demo about a week ago and then I preordered and play it today and still going to play it again. It's ton of Fun for me.

  34. If you interested in Naval Combat like Black Flag. This game deliver it…. Me personally the most thing I love in black flag is the Naval combat. Therefore the game pack a lot of fun for me since, it bring more depth the the naval system with more option of canon and ship type to suit my playing style.
    But if you are more interested in exploring the island, diving. Runnig on rooftop, climbiing walls and trees… this isn't the game for you. It's 80% Naval combat + 20% activity to grind your way to better ship and better gear.
    the game is enjoyable in PvP and PvE… other player cannot hurt you in open sea. They will do no damage so for PvE player is still ennjoyable. PvP only on certain event where you want participate or not is up to you.

    For the first 1-2 hour is a total lame… because its all prologue where the game introduce you to the gameplay system. But after that..is where the fun start. Remember the Fun experience you get when you are playing Black Flag Naval Combat ? this is it… for other activity like treasure hunting, shark hunting etc… is there but is shallow.

  35. Pirate "simulator" without a sword and gun fight…. Are you mad UBISOFT?

  36. Its really quite weird, the constant words of, "this isnt Black Flag." Yeah, no shit it isnt Black Flag. It isnt supposed to be black flag. You guys have dug yourselves into a hole thinking its going to be a game it never was. The game is fun and im tired of the black flag comparisons. Its not Black Flag. GET OVER IT.

  37. Why is nobody ever talking about Akella's Pirates of the Caribbean, and the fanmade overhaul "New Horizons"?

  38. sid meier's pirate 2004 did all that skull and bones dows and had Sword combat, and dancing!. And you got to rise through the ranks of being a pirate lord. One of my favourite games ever made and still lives to be a better game that this absolute failure.

  39. It’s not boring. Opinions are like that. Useless content creators need to be out of work.

  40. 11 years skull and bones dog s*** 11 years to make a game and millions of pounds spent on it and this is the best I can come up with my 11 year old son with a f**** Hedges sketch could do a f**** damn sight better well done Microsoft you done it again failed hard

  41. Skull and bones dog s*** I've given up on gaming if this is the state of gaming today I want to charge you £70 upwards on a game has less content more glitches more bugs Gucci buggy broken mess of a game with less content micro transactions loot boxes paywalls generally just absolute diabolically s*** a message is the state of game today well you can keep it aarava keep my money in my pocket and wast my hard and money so I'm done with it because if this is the s*** there pumping out I'm not interested it ain't worth my money for my time say Ubisoft Xbox you really need to get used to not having my money you can keep your s*** buggy broken crappy games to yourself

  42. Here to comment when the game was actually out and not here to comment on a beta like you doughnuts, you all are what’s wrong with society these days just so you know

  43. You could replace skull and bones with “this vid” that’s how it felt. 🥱 💤

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