I Played The Skull and Bones Closed Beta…

I played the Skull and Bones Closed Beta for about 6 hours and I am thoroughly unimpressed. It strips out a lot I loved about Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and is missing key features that should be in every Pirate game. Skull and Bones has been in development hell for 10 years and the result doesn’t look so good… Rediscover the magic of Sega’s iconic franchises with Sega games online. From Sonic the Hedgehog to Rage video game, platform hosts a treasure trove of beloved titles that have shaped the gaming landscape.

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  1. Games trash. Save your money. Its a heaping pile of garbage that is on fire and smells awful.

  2. It has the entertainment value of Microsoft's Flight Simulator.

  3. The people that make the decisions obviously don't play games.

  4. AC Odysey naval combat standalone version. its trash.

  5. Graphics are more cartoonish in Sea of thieves. But the water are so much more beautiful in Sea of thieves. I agree skulls and bones are boring. You cant go on to islands. When you harvest something from a island you do this magically remote.

  6. I've been playing AC Odyssey and the ship combat looks roughly the same, but in that game you can board enemy ships for melee combat… This is a quadruple-A game, for sure.

  7. Sailed around the world/islands looking for wood/trees. The wood/tree were all gone. I was not able to find any wood/trees that were not already chopped down. Sailed around for a solid 30 minutes. Boy was that a lot of fun.

  8. For me skull & bones reminds me to Pirates of the Carribean Online from like 2007. Easy to play, just a relaxed and lay back kind of game. In the 3 hours of open beta i played, i didnt meet any kind of spawn camp/griefers. Everyone was chill and when in combat with AI ships, other players helped me killing the AI and when I helped others they didnt attack me aswell. So great community so far.

  9. Ubisoft: this AAAA game not (AAA) will be our greatest game so far!

    Players: can we walk on our ship?
    Can we board ships?
    Can we fight pirates hand to hand?
    Are there different guns and crews to unlock?

    Ubisoft: no… thats for the previous AAA games…
    This is AAAA game! You can only use canons function from black flag!

  10. My god this is biased.
    You can't think of a single thing skull and bones does better than sea of thieves?
    How about right off the bat, skull and bones has better naval combat?
    Considering sea of thieves combat revolves around manually reloading cannonballs and running around like a headless chicken patching holes.
    And PvP? Hilarious, don't even bother firing cannonballs, just jump ship, board them, kill the people aboard and camp it till the ship sinks or sneak an explosive barrel on, yeah really exciting gameplay.

    How about sea of thieves and its horizontal progression system, which whether you like it or not, makes most people bored of the game very quickly, skull and bones has vertical progression which feels rewarding.

    You also forget skull and bones is first and foremost, an RPG and you made the rookie mistake of playing a RESTRICTED beta for 6 hours and called it boring.
    Can you imagine reviewing World of Warcraft for 6 hours and calling it boring? Youd be a clown.

    And you're a clown here, you expected sea of thieves and black flag, that's your fault, the fact you can't look at the game objectively and even admit the naval combat is blatantly very enjoyable and engaging makes me lose respect for you as a content creator.
    No subscription for you, don't review games if you can't look at them objectively, you sound like another whiny Black Flag fan boy.

  11. So this is what a "AAA+A" game looks like in 2024? I think i´ll pass…

    Thanks for a great review man o/

  12. Me : So it's a pirate game ?
    Ubisoft : Yes
    Me : Can you get shitfaced with rum ?
    Ubisoft : No
    Me : You know nothing of pirates.

  13. this is the problem with consumers, you over hype vaguely similar games. it's a naval game it always has been. you want blackflag mmo your putting alot of faith in our place in the tech tree ,asking to much hell SOT combat is basic AF Shoot gun, slow reload, swing sword, block not really breaking breaking ground.. You wanna get on the high sea with the boys and blow up steal, without SOT preptime or relying on randos to help your sail a ship properly. buy SKULL AN BONES

  14. Yep. I wont be buying it. After this beta is completed I will probably just play Black Flag over and just play the pirate stuff not the actual story. Friggin sad Ubisoft. WHY CAN'T I JUMP OFF THE SHIP? WHY CANT I SWIM? WHY CAN I ACTUALLY BOARD THE SHIP!!!???

  15. when i saw that "boarding complete" scene i thought of the fact that it would be funny if it literally just shows what you got right after and that's about it, and to whose surprise it literally was as i was thinking. For 70 bucks this is just a pure money grab. I would consider getting it if it was 30 bucks and they would add hand to hand combat with guns etc. in later updates to make the game what it really should be (even tho that is what it should be from the beginning). I hope they go the cyberpunk 2077 way where the initial launch was a fuck up and they fix the game , add things etc. in the next coming months. Maybe in two years Skull and Bones will be something that is actually a good game to play.

  16. It won't even have melee or gun fights. Useless.

  17. it does progression wayyy better than sea of thieves, and cargo, i doubt youve even played it

  18. If you go into it expecting black flag you will be disappointed.

  19. And ubisoft is calling this a "Quadupal A game AAAA" no joke they really are that monged. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME

  20. What i don't get is did no one in the board meetings just say why don't we make AC Black flag 2 or a game really similar to it keep all the black flag pirate stuff but remove the AC and put in something else for the story in the 10 years this was in development as it is like they made this game to fail or to make a qwick buck on the micro transactions as you can tell this is going to be riddled with them with battle pass like every other game and can bet it will be like COD and not cheap for 1 skin be like 6.99 for 1 paint change for ship and sails color and by looks of it now will have stupid skins like COD does might even get a Nicki minaj sails or pirate character of her.

  21. Played the open beta and this is a joke -.- but a lot of these usefull idiots will buy it and its another victory for lazy game makers….

  22. Its just, I want a game that gives the progression that I got even in a tablet game (Assassins Creed Pirates) but gave me better graphics and was just better overall as I like sea of thieves but I have an itch that I cannot scratch with that game, which is progression and customization ( I mean weapon customization, not looks) and there is no other game that gives me that so even if it will be quite meh, I will probably buy skull and bones because there is just no other current game that can give me that sensation of starting as a small pirate and then having and controlling my own galleon and fighting other players on a wide map. This is so frustrating because I know it is not what I want completely but there is also nothing like it so I guess…it is what it is.

  23. Im gonna tell you what we wanted and needed.
    10vs10 Sea of thieves with role queue. And classes like captain, sailor, gunner… And of course free movement.

  24. ROCKSTAR need to take on the pirate genre

  25. People who got frustrated about that stupid quest with the weapons cache😂

  26. Meanwhile everyone is on Twitch having a blast with it. Delete your channel.

  27. Hopefully the game is better then the beta 😢😂

  28. This game has no identity and it shows. The progression is hallow and pointless and only serves as a vehicle for their presumable future where Ubisoft monetizes the game to no end. Hell, even in the beta you can find ads on the menu showing off all the wonderful things you can waste your hard earned money on. This game represents what's wrong with the current gaming industry. The corporate aspect dominates the creative direction and expect the masses to just eat the slop and love it because of BRAND or GENRE. But they don't do anything outside of that to make the game worth the money, or the time.

    The servers of this will be dead within 3-4 months post-launch. Prepare to go back to the drawing board, Ubisoft.

  29. So you went in expecting it to be something it wasn't, that represents what's wrong with the gaming community. I didn't know anything about the game. Installed in on the 10th. Played it for a day and a half, and i absolutely loved the game. You were let down, that's your problem. I wasn't. How could i have been? Sea of thieves requires friends to play. This game doesn't. Is kind of nice to find a game, since almost all games coming out now are built around squad play, that you can play alone.

  30. I’ve just watched this video at 3:41 and I made my decision not buying this game. Another Ubisoft game that made me disappointed. Every time a Ubisoft title comes out I’m not interested.

  31. Too many people are comparing this to assassins creed, of course the experiences are not going to be the same its NOT the same game and its NOT what they are looking to create, yes there should be melee combat, yes there could be guns but how would they function? how would they be used, balanced, and also optimised to run multiple instances of the game for these players? A lot of people seem to miss how much effort goes into these things, they fumbled the ball a bit, comparing this game to sea of thieves also doesn't work? why on earth would sea of thieves be remotely close to this? One thing a lot of people need to do is not think of their favourite iterations of these games.

    Things I will agree with here are;
    -melee combat would be a nice addition. but frankly something for honor UI like wouldnt even be much of a reach for a way to slap it together dont make it direction but parry timing, blocking, gun combat im not too sure on with this, it would need some balancing or cooldown to be made fair but being able to do this on a ship and having their crew treated like for honor minions with a 1 slash health bar, and respawning until their captain was dead would be a nice feature, being able to kill off some crew and not finish the boarding job could maybe give a cooldowns slowed effect since there is less crew to do these tasks or remove any food buff we have seen used in the beta.

    -less fades (this is probably the biggest annoyance of mine too if im honest, they are only fading so that your ship can be rotated ready to leave for you and it feels like the game babying your experience you should have to dock correctly if you want to set off quickly)

    -Treasure hunting needs to happen. Thats not a negotiable point for them, sailing to outposts, jogging around and spamming f is not how I want to find rare loot lol

    as for the NPCs, ubisoft and AI have never worked well together if we are all honest, they are reusing a bunch of their sound design, AI design and features from their other games while forgetting about their most memorable features ( if you listen closely when you set off from a outpost or atleast saint anne, you can hear the for honor cauldron refilling sound)

    The game as it is right now is fun with friends but lackluster in solo play, fighting strong fleets of ships and doing the forts has been very entertaining over the past few days and im curious to see if they will put any effort towards fixing up the game as it goes on, yes its been a long project but with it published, hopefully it gives them some room to breath and play around with some more features. How crazy would it be to get on one day and be able to walk around the full ship, not fade onto the island and be able to swim ashore. I feel like its been more of a corp job here than a game dev job, it seems forced and rushed even with its dev time but its not terrible it just needs some clean-up

  32. It was never meant to be a assassins creed game but a navel game the title says skull and bones not pirate simulator nice to see the r et ards who don't know how to read are showing themselves now. 😂😊

  33. Lol it looks like Ubisoft copied their homework from Bethesda

  34. What I will say from playing it a few hours (probably 4-6), the opening was extremely subpar. Bad dialogue, a million and one loading screens, obvious woke-race washing characters, and pretty much no actual plot or 'hook' to draw you in. Once I pushed past that, which took at least an hour or more and almost put me to sleep several times, once you get into the actual open-gameplay the game is… not bad. It's very arcadey, the cannons are ridiculous (but you do get used to them), missions are hard to track, the UI is honestly dogsh*et (console port)… but nevertheless I did find myself enjoying it for the last few hours to a certain extent. The shanty's and music are fun, the waves and storms feel pretty nice, gameplay is not especially hard which I personally enjoyed after playing stuff like Naval Action where everything is painfully slow and hard – and the sense of progression with crafting and whatnot was put together pretty well. I would have played more if open beta didn't end.

    All that said, I aint no way in hell I would drop $120 AUD on any game let alone this one, and that's what it costs in epic store for me. Especially as it's obvious Ubisoft intend for this to become some microtransaction cashcow for them. Maybe if it goes heavily discounted or f2p I will try it again.

  35. I laughed when I charged a shop and literally couldn't do anything 😅

  36. Ubisoft should just give up. Corporations and diversity hires cannot make good games, end of

  37. Ubisoft does Mobilegames but says its PC…

  38. If your not good at it, you can just say that

  39. HAHAHA quadruple-A game, yeah right Ubi.

  40. Well I mean the game doesn't have to be like Assassin's Creed

  41. no no no u guys simply dont undersand its a quadruple A game sooo …ehm … well … boom

  42. I can’t wait for a dev to make a better game on steam

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