“I thought Greedfall was a pirate game”

WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS GAME #shorts #reaction #greedfall

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  1. Spanish inquizition. Not pirates 😭

  2. Well i belive they are pirates but they use to smoke some diverse herbs and they have a bad trip … and then they are sailing on that island where are the true smokers with good vibes and health , the people on the island trying to convinse them is okand all they have to do is to chill out and then they will see everything that actually is , good , relaxing , but they see the roots of the herbs like giant creature because have their brain washed out by government ! Greedfall … and herbs rise … sorry for the english ! 😛

  3. That was when she realized, this was indeed not a pirate game.

  4. Soooo it’s Witcher with pirates 😂that look like a Leshen to me

  5. I tried to play this game….and this is where it lost me completely and I haven't been back to try it since.

  6. Ha, I had the same reaction. It definitely made me want to keep playing that's for sure. 🍻

  7. And that was just the prologue. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!

  8. If you love pirate game u shud play black flag. But well wait for your assassin creed lines

  9. I love this game, I still have yet to complete it

  10. Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me….oh wait wrong franchise

  11. the part where de sardet says "its greedfalllin time" 😭💕

  12. Everything about this game is clunky and janky but the stories are amazing

  13. Starts boring but gets better and better over Time

  14. I love this game so much, can't wait for part 2. A few days ago I've completed the DLC, after 2 years I started it 😅

  15. I love when my Assassin's Creed lV Black Flag becomes Bloodborne.

  16. It’s another bad dark souls game,with pirates

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