I Tried To Become TANQR With Pirate Davey… (Roblox Bedwars)

In this video I try to master pirate davey and trained for 25 hours(real). Watch until the end to find out what happens!

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  1. this has nothing to do with anything, but use infernal sheilder its broken if you use it right, i did a 2v8 with my friend with that kit, and he was using miner, so its not like he carried me or whatever

  2. Pls pin me i just subbed hope u get 4k btw

  3. imo i think exactly nothing is better with the cannon then tanqr

  4. Wow i dont even like roblox bedwars but you are soooo entertaining tho😂❤👍🔥

  5. Why not become me I literally am the 2nd davey in bedwars and I started davey 5months b4 Tanqr . The best part is I found out myself

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