I Will Never Stop Uploading Good APM Pirate Games | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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  1. good! And give us some big khadgar brann transitions

  2. I Will Never Stop Watching Good APM Pirate Games So Keep It Up

  3. And I'll never stop watching them! Keep it up!

  4. Hey guys hope you all have a lovely day and also communism doesn't work

  5. Considering how slowly Kripp plays pirates, this content is much appreciated

  6. I mean.. i don't even understand sometimes how does he thinking that fast..

  7. Came for the pirates, stayed for megalovania

  8. In that last turn the game was really trying to tell him to maybe pick up a damn ghoul, the single best finisher against multiple poison divine shield minions

  9. nice to see you didnt sell the salty looters and keep the boat/southsea captain wombo combo this time lmao

  10. Lmao the piano undertale dog song, good touch

  11. Is the background music a piano version of megalovania?

  12. Just played a game where I had two golden hoggers by the end. Pirates are the most fun build to play in my opinion

  13. Dog, stop uploading good APM pirate games! You're scaring the children! Think of the children!!

  14. Please do as the title says <3 these are the best games since dog has godlike APM

  15. Wait, did anyone else see any Elizas or did she get removed???

  16. How does he make these thumbnails i love them

  17. You've ruined bg for me for other content creator's. So many are way too slow or panic. But I know I'm just used to the unrealistic standard that is dogs apm

  18. the fucking boat for the end game damage lmfao

  19. hey dude enjoy the content, just started watching you recently… have you seen the exodia pirate vid? It looks like something someone of your skill level could pull off!

  20. I love the solo piano undertale music you've had the past few videos <3 <3 it's so relaxing!

  21. Goodamnit. It's fucking megalovania, I just realized.

  22. I love these videos but ultimately know watching APM Pirate dream builds will make me throw away my MMR trying to replicate them.

  23. Yeah please keep uploading these. Most fun build in this meta

  24. Advice: skip getting tripples whilst apm:ing, really a distraction and delay.

  25. I don’t know why but his opponents play like apes it’s crazy how bad they always are he can literally level to 5 for free everytime

  26. Could I get a source for the background music? I suspect googling 'instrumental undertale music' will return one bajillion results

  27. Keep posting them, but space them out. So everyone can appreciate the skill for what it is, rather than becoming accustomed to it 🙂

  28. I will never stop watching max APM Pirate games.

  29. Someone tell Dog that 2 Hoggers or a Triple Hogger don't make pirates free, they still cost 1.

  30. What dog did in 8:45 to restart the game so fast and go directly to bob tavern's instead of watching the fight?

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