Inside a Video Game Market in Pakistan (Modchips & Piracy Special)

We explore Lahore’s most famous video game market where you can find everything including cheap second-hand consoles, repairmen, PlayStation 5, pirated games, and modchips. I grew up modding my PS1, Xbox, Xbox 360, and PS3 so this market really took me back to those days.

Why Don’t Indians Buy Gaming Consoles? (Video Game Market Tour ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ)

This console market is in the Palace Arcade under the Sunfort Hotel in Liberty Market, Lahore, Pakistan. There you’ll find 10-12 stores selling video game consoles, video games, accessories, and console repairmen. They sell all consoles including Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation. Next-gen consoles are available there, but for marked-up prices due to the global semi-conductor shortage.

Xbox Series X price: Rs. 115,000 PKR.
Playstation 5 price: Rs. 160,000 PKR.

If you want a cheap console, then the Sunfort Hotel market is also the place for you. The full array of previous-generation gaming consoles with modchips or software mods are available. Xbox 360, PS3, and are all available there for cheap rates. Xbox 360 and PS3 start at around Rs. 18,000 PKR. Pirated games are extremely cheap at Rs. 150 PKR per game. PC games are Rs. 70 PKR per DVD (but just bargain the seller down on games on many DVDs).

Gifting Teenager Just a PS5 Controller ๐Ÿคฃ

Stores I visited (I don’t do brand deals or sponsorships, don’t worry!):

Video game market location: Sunfort Hotel, Plaza Arcade
Shafiq Electronics (console repairs and mods)
Game Store
Game Store Repair Lab – not on Google Maps, it’s in the alleyway next to Shafiq Electronics.
Gamer Zone – not on Google Maps.
Game On (shown in some shots)
Royal Ray Ban – not on Google Maps, next door to Game On.

00:00 Lahore’s largest video game market
00:56 Finding a broken PS5 at a repair centre
05:01 Inside a video game store in Pakistan
07:29 PS5 & Xbox Series X prices
08:31 My favourite PS games
9:43 Pirated PC games
11:12 Old-school console repairman
12:52 Modded Xbox 360s and PS3s


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  1. This is where my uncles office used to be

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    Damn high recession in Pakistan.๐Ÿ’€

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  13. I love that you also loved modding, growing up I really enjoyed modding my PSP to run SNES games I never got to play because I feel like Sega kinda owned the market in NZ in the late 90s

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  15. The Last of Us on Pc (Two years before it actually released on pc)

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  19. Thanks to this vid as a guy in lahore im going to buy the series s from there

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  21. 7:14 But still kids don't afford and they have to collect a sum of their pocket money of whole week to get one. And consoles are just a middle class to elite class thing. An average person is not even aware about that.

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  35. I just bought ps5 slim in Lahore almost within a week released in November 23 , Uk version

  36. India 50 thousand rs ps5 and Pakistan one lakh 60 thousand rs hahahah

  37. the cool thing is all the pirated n moded consols(1 thing that makes them so available as far as i heared is that internet speeds are slow and downloading games is not best option,So u just go out and by a couple of games instead…If its like this or not today i really dont know myself but its what i was told a while back)

    Thanks for this video…Just cool to see how the world looks like in a place im never going to visit!!

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  39. That guy looks like PewDiePie on crack and he's making a gaming video too ๐Ÿคฃ
    Here's my Delhi video game market tour
    Notes: Thanks to Hugo for filming, I met him at the hotel I was staying at. I didn't film it, but tons of chai was offered. I bought God of War for my friend there and had to force the Game Store owner to take my money. And yup, before filming I did tell the stores I was making a video, so I wasn't just walking in and filming as it looks ๐Ÿ˜‚

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