Intense New VR Game Lets You Rule As Pirate Gods! (Battlewake)

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  1. Needs some work but when it’s fully released it should be a pretty fun game

  2. Start playing 'Up is Down' from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End at 7:26 for a good time

  3. I wont be surprised if they add a spongebob easter egg

  4. We live in a world where a asian person plays a vr game and says he has henti power

  5. Well it is bassicly the fight system from assassins creed. Mixed up with some abilities. Looks fun

  6. “OH! Yeah we definitely have lice.. yeah.”
    he says walking off screen

  7. A mechwarrior game with this system would be so cool 🤔

  8. What was that power?

    D:nothing much… Just my HENTAI powers😂😭

  9. Someone needs to properly roleplay this! YARR!

  10. This game looks really fun! Thanks for the gameplay and the laughs.

  11. My name is indeed Jeff and I am indeed really chill. Thank you for the compliment

  12. Because of the aiming for the cannons and the health bars on buildings I'm guessing u teamed up with the people who made assassins creed

  13. Tony Vlachos wins Survivor Season 28 : Cagayan

  14. Sea sickness and VR sickness all in one! count me in 😀

  15. Sea of Thieves can eat a fat one when this game comes out.

  16. why do they sound so forced when they say the game is good

  17. The undead ability is really lackluster

  18. Wasn't botherd about this but now I've seen gameplay I want it sharpish

  19. That funny part of the game that Sea of Thieves missed.

  20. I would love to see a PvP mode

  21. This game needs to be as big as sea of thieves.

  22. who thinks this would be a good idea for a movie or a series like game of thrones????????????

  23. Node and hes friends or mates: destroys a castle
    Every mobile pirate player: thats the best pirate i have ever seen

  24. Love how all of your music you play in Battlewake videos is just your D&D music.

  25. I wish I had a nickel for every Boneworks comment on this video 😂😂😂 I'd be a rich man

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