Intense New VR Game Lets You Rule As Pirate Gods! (Battlewake)

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  1. First VR game that makes me think: Wow, this looks great. I bet this is awesome with a group of 4.

  2. D was using his special hentai power and making the bone work😏

  3. That hardware downgrade! My index arrives tomorrow. Giving my vive to my wife’s family and keeping my vive pro wireless until valve puts out a wireless solution for the index

  4. Why does this look like Furious Seas so much?

  5. 6:55 heard a faint running the 90s then, got me a bit scared

  6. Everybody complaining about boneworks acting like Stardew Valley isn’t important…

  7. My Valve Index comes in tomorrow! I'm beyond hyped.

  8. When Brandon said 'make sure your dabs are on point' I died inside

  9. Who else is disappointed there's not a the last Airbender vr game

  10. Am I the only one who noticed D’s new profile photo

  11. Awesome video till the dab came in from Brandon! STOP IT!

  12. "We get our own action figure to practice our moves. DAB!"
    Brandon knows what's important.

  13. Swear down these clickbait titles are the beginning of the mass "dumb down" that is about to happen. Everyone's going to have no attention span at all; It'll be clicking from one 3 minute to the next. "OMG Too Scary To Play Alone (3AM!!) God Mode/ Caught Red Handed!!"

  14. This game better have the option to crew my ship with pirate anime waifus.

    PS > If I was developing this game I'd give those ults alternate uses, for instance if D used the ult on his own ship maybe the tentacles could make a shield over the ship for a brief period of time. Not likely to happen, but it's the kind of thing I like seeing in games.

  15. I would highly consider getting a VR set just for this game…

  16. Too much Hollywood, could have been a cool game.

  17. ahem you missed the ultimate ability tutorial you gonna have to play this again because you missed that and how come you did not see that right in front of you?

  18. This video really shows the difference in refresh rate between the Vive and the Index!

  19. This was hella cool. Great video guys as always love waking up to some Node!!

  20. Can't wait to jump in. Getting my headset here in a few weeks!!!

  21. Anyone else hoping for a Sea of Thieves VR? Ha ha!

  22. a non arcade/cartoony styled version of this game that has a bit more realistic combat and art style would be fking amazing , like assassins creed black flag VR

  23. I see they went for the distinct 'ugly' aesthetic, combined with the idea that UI elements should be all over the place and take up as much space as possible.
    The mechanics look pretty fun though, and there is a nice bit of attention to detail. Mixed feelings here.

  24. Next major update add boarding to the game

  25. Can u guys play totally reliable delivery service its like human flat fall

  26. It's like black flag but in VR and made in Japan lol

  27. Do you guys know what platforms the game will be offered on when it comes out?

  28. Anyone still find it funny the asian gains Hentai power…. D you funny.

  29. HAHAHA June 8th is my birthday! 1:06 Anyway, awesome video guys! I've been watching Node, Corridor, and the Corridor Crew for a long time now. My favorites are the Human Fall Flat and Gang Beasts videos. Please make more!

  30. This game looks insane. Definitely worth a bit of a wait.

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