Intense New VR Game Lets You Rule As Pirate Gods! (Battlewake)

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  1. Jo i Know this one, i got the Test the closed Alpha at the Gamescome 2018. Since Then i havent been able to find this Game cause almost No one Knows IT😅

  2. we are still waiting for the john wick boneworks video right?

  3. I just got the notification but I'm 2 mins late

  4. Chanceworthy Jameson Leoparde Surinam says:

    Nodefication squad reporting for duty!

  5. I was just watching the juggernaut airsoft episode before this went on my notifications

  6. Hey, guys thx for making my day great, your hilarious fun and entertaining keep up the fantastic content. PS I joined the nodeification squad

  7. My friend voice acted for BlackWake, the pankcake pirate game

  8. play more spyfall like what the heck y'all doing !!!

  9. "That was power, my hentai powers"

  10. After seeing Boneworks, and playing Blade & Sorcery, all I want are full physics enabled VR simulator games. Arcade experiences are just blehhhhh now. This could be played in 2D.

  11. ( I know no one is going to care but) I just had my graduation of 8th grade and this video is cheering me up

  12. B O N E W O R K S

    Love you guys I understand if you don't want to show more it's cool 💛💜

  13. I dont care what anybody says this needs to have luffy in it

  14. Typo guys, it's supposed to be "lets" not "let's"

  15. The P1 – 4 thing reminds me of one of those old co-op arcade games where you and your friends don't know who is who. This game pretty cool.

  16. D using his special hentai powers lmao

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