Is Sea of Thieves the Best Pirate Game Ever?

Sea of Thieves is an amazing Pirate game set in a beautiful world filled with magic and treasure! I hope you enjoy the journey.

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  1. I almost never see Pirates (1987) and Sid Meier's Pirates (2004 remake) talked about in these videos even though it is an amazing game

  2. There is one thing that makes Sot the best pirate game on the market, the way you can steer the ship. In other Pirate games we can control ships like cars, and since playing Sot, it feels just odd now.

  3. fun fact: have you ever been inside the storm and thought "huh, that storm seems a tad bit more violent than usual…"? that's because it is, its strength is different depending on the area it happens, with the strongest storm happening in the wilds and with the most dangerous happening in the devil's roar… boy have I suffered for them stormfish commendations…

  4. Sea of Thieves will always be my favorite game of all time. With 30+ days. However, The ONLY thing that lives in the back of my mind is grinding for all this gold to only be for cosmetics.

  5. ANOTHER SOT PLAYER EXISTS? Seriously great game i got 1250 hours

  6. Sea of Thieves is great, but for the past year it hasn’t been doing it for me. When they added Hourglass in Season 8 I got my ghost curse and I’ve barely played since then. They need to add something that fundamentally changes gameplay and then I’ll be back, but I don’t regret any of the ~1500 hours I’ve put into the game at all.

  7. Absolutely called me out with the runescape sea of theives grind addiction L0L

  8. I joined back in 2019. Although I didn’t and still don’t like where they were going with seasons I still absolutely adore the game.

  9. Sea of Thieves and Assassins Creed black flag.

    Though I’ll never forgive Rare for Benin’s the knee and putting in the Safer Seas. It takes away from that joy of finding friendly pirates

  10. the only flaw ive ever had is that the pvp feels bad, the meta of jumping around doublegunning was terrible

  11. When talking about the best Pirate games, you forgot to mention Puzzle Pirates.
    You would be surprised how engaging, community driven and fun this game was during its peak!

  12. I fr shed a tear when I found out this wasn’t on ps

  13. i have 550 hours in sea of thieves played since season 2 or 3 and i can say new seasons should be more interesting, they release few good seasons and few filler seasons if you can call it like that, last good season was monkey island one , new season they released now is nothing special

  14. Open multiplayer is always a pass for me. Every game that has it, it only serves to anger me.

  15. There’s no way you only have 500 subscribers dude you deserve way more this video so very professional amazingly put together and well scripted. I’m definitely subscribing and I look forward to seeing one of the contact you come out with keep up the good work man

  16. Cant treasure chest the anchor anymore lol an old strat i used to love using.

  17. This perfectly encapsulates how i've felt about this game since release. 5 years of playing and I still haven't gotten bored. 13,000 hours worth of content isn't something a lot of games can boast (or any that I've been able to find). Amazing production and a very well made video.

  18. Sea of Thieves is GREAT for new players, but once you play for a few weeks you realize how bad it is. Server lag, hit registration making bullets do no damage, the toxic community that think that people need to leave them alone despite being pvpve, and the abysmal amount of new content per update, in a year, 2 updates dropped. Guilds (a menu), and a new voyage. And the QoL season, adding a new chest. Keep in mind seasons are supposed to last 3 months, but with the amount of delays season 10 got, season 9 lasted for 9 months!! Even season 11 isn't bringing much to the table, reusing the hourglass queue area, revamped voyages, and new company items. Season 11 is what you expect a normal season to be, but with the last 2 bringing nothing new, it's tough to trust the games stability. Oh and I forgot, 5 years since release and NO ANTICHEAT! They say one's coming but theres no release date. Most of the cheaters stopped playing, which also proves how bad replayabilty is in this game.

  19. How you check your hours ? After playing the game

  20. Good game with friends good game solo but if you play with randoms with 40+ days played you will be judged for every little thing you do meanwhile players with 100+ days will just be there for fun because they've done everything and just love the game

  21. learning about safer seas may be the thing that sells me on the game tbh. i don't really have the time to get good at yet another game's pvp and just getting killed over and over or being trolled because i'd play extremely casually was what kept me from buying it.

  22. sea of theives is great i cant say i love where there going with there updates but blag flag man for the 1 year of that game being relevant it shits on sea of thieves career

  23. Hello Mason, we are creating a new game that took a lot of inspiration from Reign of Kings and Rust, and we want to talk more to you about a possible collaboration, are there way we can reach out to you ?

  24. I hope the rumors are true and sea of thieves will come out on ps5, I've been playing ac black flag lately and I really crave another good pirate game

  25. Safer Seas made my game experience much more enjoyable. I just want to sail and explore and not worry about some dickhead ruining my tall tale progress.

  26. I just wish their was a more realistic pirate game to play. Sea of thieves is very charming but it doesnt feel like more than the kids game full of sweats that it is.

    We all wanted skull and bones to be black flag but multiplayer. Yet from how its looking its going to be black flag but stripped to its bare bones and heavily focused on ship v ship combat.

    Sea of thieves but with a less cartoonist aesthetic would be so much better.

  27. sea of thieves and black flags are really the only pirate games that exist

  28. “Is sea of thieves the best pirate game ever?” What a ludicrous question. Is it a cool game for what it is? Yes. Is there ANY possibility of a “pirate game” with absolutely 0% grit, being “the best pirate game ever”? No absolutely not. I wouldn’t even actually consider it a “pirate game”. I would very specially categorize it as a “kiddie-cartoon-pirate game”. If you took the same format and dumped about a million tons of grit into it, and made it more realistic and grounded THEN maybe it would be “the best pirate game ever”

  29. I wouldn't call it a pirate game…more of a murderhobo simulator.

  30. Sea of Thieves is the closest we've come to that MMO Pirate game we all want, but it fell short for me.
    The game released in practically an alpha state, launches are a big deal…The game released with like 3 quests: dig up treasure, kill skeletons, transport.
    The ship battles, pvp, sailing were fun. However, there were no real consequences in this game, you just suicide and respawn generic ships over and over.
    I think if they just waited a few more years and fleshed it out before releasing it could have been really epic. It's a shame because the people who made Sea of Thieves did so many things well, especially being the best age of sail sandbox.

  31. Amazes me how many people disagree with this take. Every other pirate game that I've played besides Black Flag is utterly cheeks. This game has everything (besides gore, which I know a lot of you get off on) PvE, PvP, comraderie, anything you could imagineand even some higher level learning. Not to mention it's gorgeous. Best pirate game up to date. Just wish the servers could hold maybe one or two more ships.

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