Is This The BEST PIRATE Game Ever Made?

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is one of the greatest pirate games of all time. Why does it still hold up? Let’s talk.
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  1. Potco was a big part of my childhood, I donโ€™t think anything else has scratched my pirate game itch lol

  2. You just made me download it again this time though i am going to add Reshade rtx great game

  3. Why are we talking about black flag when the new assasins creed is coming

  4. The top 3 games of all time are The witcher 3, Black Flag, and Red Dead 2

  5. Falcon, you rule, I also am a Giant Jim Caroll Band and JC himself ,fan, and I loved your very , almost inaudible quote of Nothing is true , everything is permitted. Brilliant bird.

  6. AC Black Flag is the first game I played when I get back to gaming! I had a lot of fun in this game.

  7. It's the ONLY pirate game. AC 3 and Rogue come close. Sea of Thieves is not a pirate game. It's a cartoon with sea monsters. It's just pirate themed. Skull and Bones is just a grindy looting simulator with a pirate paint job.

  8. I must have run aground a thousand times whilst in combat at sea ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ great game still now.

  9. I want a pirate game from the RDR2 team. That should exist.

  10. Just imaga a pirate game with nemesis system

  11. Not one mention of how it wont play at 60fps on a high end pc?

  12. Now i need to play this game again๐Ÿ˜

  13. Sea of thieves is the best pirate game not this

  14. Everyone knows LEGO Pirates of the Carribbean is the GOAT pirate game

  15. Black Flag and Pirates Gold on SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘

  16. Black Flag is the best AC game I played. I never enjoyed any other AC as much as I enjoyed this

  17. Still playing until todayโ€ฆ never got boring

  18. No best pirate game is sea of thieves hands down

  19. Not to mention eagle vision was explained by just saying that he was somehow able to do it since he was a kid. I feel like most other games didn't really explain it at all though.

  20. Guybrush Threepwood is the one and only pirate! Arrrrr

  21. It's the various dynamic, weather effects during a battle, without the game appearing to slowing down or stuttering, that impresses me. When you spy a worthy target. Relentlessly bombarding that ship with cannon and mortar, filling the air with acrid, blinding cannon smoke. Leaving the wheel to 'climb' the rigging via the mast lift, in order to take out the snipers. Jumping over and climbing up to cut down their flag. Then sprinting down the rigging, leaping off for the double take down of the officers. Finally finishing off by clearing the decks in violent, bloody, CQC. All the while dealing with a lightening storm raging, gale force winds, waves the size of houses and violent water spouts. Also all this fun from a 10 yr old game and for just ยฃ8 from CEX. Peace All
    -There is a lot of interesting AC lore and info contained in the various staff computers in the real world sections, locked behind some 'fun', but mundane, hacking mini games. So would say it's worth doing these sections, just for that-

  22. Have you tried sail vr on quest ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฅธ๐Ÿ˜

  23. I own this game on uplay, yet still i pirated the game.. It's the best pirate game

  24. Far cry 5 is the greatest open world game of all time

  25. Right at the very start, I managed to run the ship aground, and then lost interest lol.

  26. This review is incomplete without mentioning lego the pirates of the caribbean

  27. The Sid Meier's pirate game you showed is a remake. The original was on Commodore 64. It was the "original" Pirates game!!

  28. "I think there is one game that beats it: Pirates of the Caribbean. It was on Xbox. You could buy different ships, hire a crew from the tavern, sleep in the tavern, and it was both at sea and on land. It was such a good pirate game back in 2003."

  29. Falcon did you ever try the original sea dogs game. That was my first pirate game and blew my mind as a child the same as when I first booted up morrowind and I've always been chasing games that give me that feeling

  30. I've played AC black flag so many times and it didn't get old.

  31. Best for single player. Sea of Thieves is the best online pirates game.

  32. Just to highlight an OG: Legend of Black Kat

  33. Black flag is the best pirate and we need part 2 should've already happened

  34. Alright.
    Who thinks assassin's creed three is a miss In my opinion it's one of the best assassin's creed ever vest main character best story with his father being a Templar and it being during the revolutionary War and having alot of big moments in history in the game was sick don't get me wrong love black flag but AC3 was the the last of the legendary AC games for me

  35. Naval combat in AC 3 and AC 4: Black Flag was good, but did not belong in those stealth-based games. It was a chore that had to be endured to progress the games. It warranted its own game, but might not have sold so well, so Ubisoft shoehorned it into the AC franchise to associate it with the established and lucrative AC name.

  36. Unity is the best Assasin game, Black Flag is the best game overal.

  37. AC black flag is just the best pirate game out there, on other news the skull an bones is one of the worst

  38. Salt 2 is a great game in early access. Survival game with sailing and navigation using a compass and sextant. Islands are procedurally generated and there is lots to explore. It gives a Monkey Island feel which I love. Maybe give it a try.

  39. One could certainly make the case but the bar is pretty low. Based on my personal criteria, I could make a better case for Sea of Thieves but it's not without its shortcomings either.

  40. Black Flag was a superior game and Skull and bones was a very disappointing pirate game.

  41. Honestly canโ€™t believe thy never made a pirate game like this again without th ac title

  42. If you were to remove everything that makes this assassin creed game and leave everything else it would have been one of the greatest games of all time, I spent way more time sailing and fighting boss galleons then doing the whole assassins creed copy pasta gameplay.

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