Is This The Best Pirate Game On Mobile?? || Pirates Outlaws

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I love talking about the different games I play on mobile. Any game with a pirate theme is going to intrigue me, but this doesn’t mean they’re all good.

Today’s game, Pirates Outlaws, is absolutely amazing! Here’s what it’s about!

🤖 Download on Android:

🍎 Download on iOS:


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  1. Is this PlaystationGrenade? He sounds like ps grenade

  2. Only pirate game on mobile I've enjoyed were the 2 "The pirate:" games. Free to play with options for in app purchases. But completly un-nessairy to play the entire game

  3. Why do I want to play a game colored by a 4 year old?

  4. Hey Captain, nice vid as always, will you be playing Albion online mobile? and should Netease and CCP be worried about it ? no more blue stacks or emulators with Albion, mobile to pc cross play and the game looks pretty awesome.

  5. Hmm another slay the spire-like from a chinese dev, seems to be a thing on mobile lately… Most of these I've tried have been pretty good but generally lacking in proper translation (which rather hurts when half the game is reading cards to figure out what they do :P), will have to do some research on this one, but looks promising from what you've shown.

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