Is Video Game Piracy Morally Okay?

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at the loss of several pieces of gaming content that will be lost to the ends of time as gaming services continue to go offline without the thought of preservation. Ubisoft is culling their services for plenty of legacy titles and harms only those that pay for their games. I don’t condone the act of downloading games illegally but it hurts to see those that do receive a playable experience. Thanks for watching!
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  1. personally if its a triple A game i think it's way more ok to pirate simply because those companies make millions if not billions. Indy companies don't make nearly as much and they usually put their lives into their games

  2. i only download pirated games just for testing the frame rate,if you dont belive me here is my spec (Intel core i7 2000 series,ram 8gb dd3,gtx 1050) and also my motherboard is dogshit

  3. Better to back up your installs everytime a new patch comes up, than to rely on a disk of unfinished, buggy game. That's why PC is the master race

  4. Video game piracy – can we talk about BMW having micro transactions for heated seats? Lol

  5. Piracy is always moral. A pirate wouldn't have bought a game anyway so no sale was "lost". When you're in Eastern Europe and a 60€/70€ game would set you back a significant chunk of your wage then yes, it's necessary.

  6. I bought a physical copy of "the Witcher 3", and they made it such a pain in the ass with the GOG market; I finally had no choice but to pirate a copy just to be able to play the game I already paid for. I couldn't reinstall the game, with the physical CDs, and with the GOG market acknowledging that I'd purchased the game already!

    So the short answer is, yes piracy is ethical. The longer answer is, piracy is ethical, but it's in everyone's best interest to buy legitimate copies of games they enjoy when they are able.

    In fact, the one instance where I'd say piracy is unethical; is when you're talking about indie games that offer a full experience. If you're talking about a game that can be played through in 5 minutes, they can eat a dick.

  7. Yes, it is absolutely okay. We NEED it for media preservation work. All media should be preserved, and it is thanks to the great work that "pirates" do that media is able to be preserved when DISGUSTING companies try to wipe history from the face of the earth.

  8. DRM in its entirety, region locking, anti-piracy software, etc. should be abolished, full stop. Everyone should be able to preserve every game. And at the birth of the internet, a law should have been passed mandating that every website and online only game have its files preserved and ceded to the public once the owners decide to take it offline, so that someone that cares can bring it back if they so choose

  9. As one man said "Piracy is a service problem". If the game company can't deliver the service that you supposed to get (cuz you already paid for it) then it's their fault that you start piracying their game

  10. i feel like if you have purchased the game you can download it

  11. I wouldn't say Microsoft doesn't give a shit about game preservation. They were the only ones pushing backwards compatibility at all.

  12. I mean it's a very broad question is it an old game that's no longer sold??? No problem it's the developers fault for not keeping it accessible but if it's a brand new game and you just don't want to pay for it then it's different

  13. Yes
    and this is coming from a game dev
    as long as you are not profiting from it

  14. I pirate games, see if they run fine on my PC (because systen requirements is a bullshit, what do you mean by minimum and recommend, what settings do they allow you to play at FFS) and to see if I enjoy the game.

    Why I don't use Steam refunds for this.
    Because the 2hr game limit is fine for me but the 14 days limit ain't.

    You really expect me to download a 100Gig game (for which I'll have to pause everything else) and find time to play it to judge it. Naah.
    Steam can easily circumvent this by allowing you to download the game files first, but be able to play them only after purchasing it.
    Imagine purchasing a game and not waiting hours upon hours for it to download.

    That's why I pirate games, see if they are up to the mark, and then remove the crack and place it in Steam folder, Purchase it and vallah just a few MB download after revalidating files, I get ti play the game 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  15. Maintenance costs. You have your audio or video file on a server and it will be playable for next 15/25/50 years. Games need to be patched to run on newer OS and you need to pay developers to do that (also hire developers that’s knows the old shitty API from older Windows). Things are even worse when source code of that game is lost and you basically need to crack-hack your own intellectual property. It’s about cost vs benefits. Game companies are not charity.

  16. Once big corporations decided letting my friend borrow a game to play is piracy, YES IT IS MORAL.

  17. people will always get a game if they desire it the question is what is the easiest way to get it

  18. Buying a AAA game doesn't support the creators. Most of the profits are hoarded by the companies that own the IP or siphoned into some CEO's pocket and they are never given to the devs. Don't lecture me on "supporting devs" until the workers are allowed the full fruit of their labor they deserve.

  19. Spyro reignited only has half the game on the disc so not all the physical games can be played entirely from the disc.

  20. Agreed, if there is a company who is making it has hard as possible to access certain games or features of a game after a certain time period, then yes, piracy is your only option to experience it if you weren’t able to get the game at launch or something. Not everyone has the luxury to play the games they want to, weather that be to financial struggles, or whatever. This is why game preservation is so important, not everyone can play every game they want too right away.

  21. What happens to an old movie no one cares about, it ends up on a streaming service or in a bargain bin or even on YouTube. Same with old songs. When it comes to old games no one is playing they’re gone. If there was a service that preserved every game that publishers no longer cared about and was like $9.99 a month I’d buy it but that doesn’t exists. So Retroarch and ROMs and bin files are my best friend.

  22. I’m not paying for shit. Make me is what I say.

  23. If a game is forgotten and abandoned then easily theres no morality issue for me. I thank every modder, hacker, and programmer that has helped to make playing old games easy to do with modern hardware.

  24. If you legally bought a game you spent ANY amount of money on, and then it’s online services we’re shut down, DLC taken away. Then you decided to ‘pirate’ it so you could enjoy the game the same way you used to. I wouldn’t consider that stealing, I’d consider that emulating.

  25. I need to crack my copy of Dead Space 2 every time I install it, despite owning it on Steam. EA won't fix it.

  26. piracy is more than morally ok. i pirate 200000 games for breakfast every morning

  27. More problems with your "jUsT bY PhYsiCaL" mentality:
    It's tied to a proprietary system. Only Sony makes PlayStation 5s. What happens when those are out of production and only available through eBay if at all?
    For that matter, what if your disk dies? Getting the game data of that disk, kinda hard.
    Why can't you just write the day 1 patches on a different backup disk?
    You're entirely ignoring the problems with disk-based DRM on proprietary consoles. Yet you support that the most instead of buying DRM-free games for open platforms. It's sad to see.

    I laugh every time I hear it, you can rear up about it all you want but in reality the best form of preservation is a digitalized DRM-free game, and it's not on consoles. Nopey-dopey.

  28. I think gaben struck it on the head when he said its a service problem. I virtually stopped pirating once the 2hour no questions asked refund was introduced and instead reserve it to games that are no longer available for purchase

  29. Pirating The Sims 4 is the most morally okay way to play that game. The amount of DLC that EA puts out for such a high price is fucking ridiculous considering how buggy the game is and how key features are either missing (cars, baby gameplay) or only recently being added (wants and fears, relationship sentiments) in a game that came out in 2014. They keep pumping out DLC to distract from the fact that the base game is a buggy mess (the most recent patch a few days ago straight up broke the game for a considerable amount of people). The total cost for the game and all dlc is well over $1000 Australian dollars (although this isn't taking their holiday sales into account). The hard thing is that the player base is made up of a lot of children or people who don't play many other games, so they don't realise just how shit this is.

  30. Yes it is definitely okay. Look at the Sega Saturn for example the best games are close to or over 1000 dollars for a used copy. So the developers or Sega aren’t making a dime. I think pirating games that are reasonably priced and easy to find is pretty shitty though.

  31. You literally do it with movies, everybody does so it is especially how they're ripping people off.

  32. Actually as someone who has personally contacted ubisoft about them shutting down some of their online services they have confirmed that those that owned single player player dlc will still be able to play that dlc on both physical and digital edition.

    Also in terms of pirate content xbox literally gives the app Kodi that lets anyone watch all the tv and movies they want without owning it lol so this is where the term itself gets confused by people

  33. I moved over from pc to Playstation one of the reason so i could keep a physical copy of the disc. PC platform is great, but I only could see it as a emulation machine personally. I have my fair share of games that were on pc and now are unplayable due to the game not compatible with modern OS. Not supporting Playstation or anything, but if you want to be entitled for what you paid for, get a Playstation disc version and the disc. I cant forget the day R* removed the older version of the GTA trilogy to make way for the new ones despite we paid for the game on Steam, like wtf was that all about. Now Ubisoft does some thing similar in nature.

  34. I love how that was their campaign, "Would you download a car?" Like of course I would who wouldn't? Lmfao

  35. Perosnally i enjoy the new assassins creed games

    Other than that i agree with most these points

  36. Pirating directly led me to purchasing hundreds of games that I wouldn't have bought without piracy. Why? Because I WANT TO TRY THE GAME BEFORE I BUY IT

    I pirate nearly every game and have since the 90s. Do I like the game after a few hours? I buy it no questions asked. I don't like it? I remove the game and go on my day.

  37. NES title that Nintendo has no recent release of and a real copy of the game would cost you $500+ ? PIRATE THAT SHIT
    Switch games released a week ago? – DON'T PIRATE THAT SHIT

  38. It is if the game was made by EA, Rockstar, CD PROJEKT RED or Ubisoft

  39. i don't have any such thing as ethics or morals so i'm hella good with piracy

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