Is Video Game Piracy Morally Okay?

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at the loss of several pieces of gaming content that will be lost to the ends of time as gaming services continue to go offline without the thought of preservation. Ubisoft is culling their services for plenty of legacy titles and harms only those that pay for their games. I don’t condone the act of downloading games illegally but it hurts to see those that do receive a playable experience. Thanks for watching!
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  1. Everything is morally OK when you don't give a shit

  2. In today's political, social and economical climate any and all types of piracy is okay and should be encouraged and supported

  3. I modded my Switch a long time ago. I'm not giving Nintendo any more of my money. Screw their "free updates after launch" strategy they've been doing recently, which basically means "we'll finish the game later". I'm not paying $60 for the new Mario Golf which has way less content than the first game released in the N64 more than 20 years ago, just to hope it will match its amount of content after the "free updates after launch" end, which let's be honest, is not gonna be the case.

  4. I always pirate the games first and then buy it if I like it. Except for CDPR games. They don’t use DRM and I respect that

  5. As an African fellow, I'm not part of the economy that this big companies share with their costumers, thus i have no choice but to use pirated content mostly in everything and it really makes me sad that i can't support the games i love

  6. Sadly the pirates are becoming the good guys, specially when shitty game publishers like Ubisoft take away your dlc and games you paid for. Not even an easy patch to keep game and dlc somewhat working. Shame.

  7. depends on who made it imo. if its nintendo i'd pirate that shit even if i didn't want the game cause fuck em they're assholes. if it was a cute lil indie game (and i can buy it legally in a reasonable way) i won't pirate it or at least i will eventually buy it.

  8. Remember when Empress fixed Resident Evil Village bugs faster than Capcom ? so yeah legit reason to pirate indeed

  9. Xbox doesn't give a shit about game preservation? The fuck are you smoking? MS have done more for it than any other out there.

  10. Jelly Car is gone forever. RIP for a real one, looking forward to the new one

  11. Yes, it's morally fine, especially with AAA titles. You can't guarantee that they're gonna be good, and money is very thin, so the ability to have an extended try before you buy is invaluable for putting your money into the right places.

  12. the real question is: should pirates be paid for their work?

  13. the problem with game piracy isnt that the game company loses money, its that the people who pirate it for you and give you a link to google drive to download it put in some ransomware or malware that will do things like hack your accounts and sell them to make money. this is very bad especially if YOUR CREDIT CARD HAPPENS TO BE SAVED ON ONE OF THOSE ACCOUNTS. either that or some weird annoying antivirus gets installed thats impossible to remove. at that point its not worth it to pirate games. you will end up wasting more time and money than the game is worth in the first place.

  14. If it came out 8 years ago which is now 3467957 euro,

    yeah, ill emulate it

  15. Watch_Dogs 1 has sadly stopped working with the multiplayer on pc :/ what a shitty company

  16. Yes imagine this game costing 60 dollars in africa thats 180 dollars its fucking stupid.

  17. I imagine in an alternate universe nintendo releases official ports

  18. Lmao anti piracy idiots probably pay for winrar

  19. Yes it is morally ok and it should always be done it is the only way to archive certain games.

  20. I want to thank Game For Windows Live for not letting me play Resident Evil 5 and GTA4 even if I payed for at least on of them…. I think that games should be free after 10 years as old game almost always got a problem running on new hardware

  21. No it's not……but that's not gonna stop me!!!!

  22. the only reason i use pirated copy of a pc game is to see how it would run on my pc.
    Demo's are rare these days and i do not want to buy a game that performs bad due to shitty port shenanigens.
    If the game is good and it runs well, i usually buy the game afterwards (i say usually, because some games are not worth their money until a sale or something)

  23. the only time i ever used piracy was when i didnt want to sell my liver for the pdx games dlcs

  24. Piracy of old games that aren't available anymore is okay, there is no possible way to obtain the game through the publisher, so why not do it the free way?

  25. Piracy is insurance for your purchase. If you're going to be treated like a criminal, might as well reap the benefits. It's kind of hard to call it piracy if you already purchased the game. It's not stealing if you gave them money for that product.

    Sidenote: I wish more games would come to GOG. Especially indie games. I don't know how much it cost or difficult it is to put games on different storefronts and launchers. But it's a shame that the vast majority of games I enjoy, play, and wishlisted are mostly on steam. And I really don't trust steam after mnowing the stuff they pull.

  26. >Buys RDR2
    >Can't play next day cuz "server issues" for an offline game.
    Fuck DRM

  27. disliked for supporting anti consumer practices. 3/3 bad takes, wow.

  28. The AAA companies have became scummy on a magnitude that make piracy the morally correct thing.

  29. 🎶 Yo ho ho it's the pirate's life for me! 🎶

  30. I only suport pirating to games one already owns, like if you want to play pikman 2 on an emulator so you can mod the game for better multiplayer for example, and already own pikman 2 for the Wii.

  31. I think it is okay for games over a decade old (at least for console games not PC games)

  32. I'm going to say this and I'm going to be clear, I don't think it's wrong to pirate old games that are no longer sold, or that don't have support, BUT i do think it's wrong to pirate recent games like Nintendo Switch games or Indie games that are still selling and that affect the people who put their effort to develop them, that's why is justifiable to me that Nintendo takes down SteamDeck videos running Switch games with an emulator, however it doesn't seem right to me that Nintendo demands ROM pages with old games when Nintendo doesn't even do a good job preserving its classics.

  33. I would download a car

  34. Factorio is amazing, i also too recommend. Trains are sick in that game

  35. Ugh you are wrong when it comes to PlayStation. You want examples of the entire game not being on the disc. Spyro Reignited Trilogy… Only the first game is on the disc the rest are downloaded. There are later versions of the disc that printed over a year and half after release has all 3 games but launch disc like I have the full 3 games are NOT there.
    Same with the Crash trilogy again same issue.
    Tony Hawk for PS4 and Xbox One….. Once again only the first ramp (or whatever you call it) is ON THE DISC, the remainder of the game had to be downloaded.

    That is just 3 examples. Switch has tons of games that don't have the complete game on the physical carts. GTA trilogy, Spyro and Crash, RE Revelations, Megan Man Legacy Collection, Mega Man X collections, and tons more.

    So you are god damn wrong. Admit it, move on.

  36. I play the sims a lot and EA can't seem to make a single thing without it costing an arm and a leg and STILL being broken, so until they fix their shit and stop releasing sims packs at $20 and $40 (when the original base game was only $60 and constantly goes on sale for $5) i refuse to buy anything from them and i honestly see nothing morally wrong with that.
    I also think a lot of packs could be combined or added in as free updates. I shouldn't have to pay $20 for my sims parenting styles to actually matter in a game where having families is a main feature either. EA is known for being greedy. Kits are the biggest example of this. I'm not about to pay $5 for fucking dust and vacuums in a game

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