Kidnapped By Somali Pirates For 2 YEARS😦

Kidnapped By Somali Pirates For 2 YEARS😦 #joerogan #jre #joeroganexperience #kidnapping #story #storytime

Joe Rogan – He Was Kidnapped By Somali Pirates!! Michael Scott Moore

Joe Rogan Experience #1149

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  1. When being white goes horribly wrong 😮.
    Pirate: we need quick cash, but don't have white powdery narcotics.

    Pirate no.2 : nah fam we got something better, it's white too by the way! 🗿

  2. 1.6 million for two years? That’s a hell of an ROI for the pirates ngl. 💵

  3. Now ask how captives in Guantanmo Bay and Abu Ghraib are treated

  4. Joe before telling pretty much just any story : "One of most disturbing and craziest stories I think I ever read"

  5. What was the worst bit for you:

    When they put a Man U shirt on me 😢

  6. No, they didn’t break your glasses😂😂😂

  7. But now he dont need anymore glases 😅

  8. Things illhan Omar can concentrate on actually.

  9. 1.6 milion hell my family at best paying 10k for my ass

  10. Its crazy how these pirates are actually getting million dollar ransoms, but still living in poverty. Its also crazy when you realize these pirates are like 15-18 years old. So when you piece it together, you see that they're kids being forced to do this work, and they're not even getting a real cut for it. So, who's all the head bosses that are actually getting this money??

  11. Shouldn't be in their country Caucasian

  12. How can they ask millions for a random guy. It's insane and scary.

  13. And He paid 1.6 Million for his Life?? I World unverstanden,,,,but..and its a big but ,,tjere nowdays someguys thats fucked in her mindes and got 1.6 Million dollaes

  14. Only 2 , a romanian was kidnapped for 10 years

  15. Man united and i was thinking it cant get worse,yea IT can

  16. The crazy thing is that these pirates are willing to settle for just $100k.

  17. This is why they get absolutely no love out here 🤷🏽‍♂️

  18. ahh yes typical, they spend billions on wars that no one even wanted to start with and cant spend smth that is like a cent for them to help a citizen

  19. Oh well he is a united fan 😂 jokes aside wefs 2030 agreements are closer than ever people

  20. This is the defender My My, sea if you said the pairns we are not angry with you

  21. If James Charles was kidnaped instead of him then it would've been a complete different story.

  22. The way they are talking seems AI to me

  23. Head to amputate his own arm to survive? He clearly has both of his arms

  24. People that are saying why wouldn’t they just take the money right away when pirates capture let’s say a 5 mill ransom ship they only get a couple hundred maybe just maybe 1k so there perception of ransom money is filled by greed and desperation

  25. Im from somalia and this is mad i have never heard tgat they would do this and its horrible

  26. Like if you Love somali fake somali is muslims muslims kent doo dat

  27. Don’t post other people’s stuff thief’s account

  28. Aint no way they Became friends with him after they took all his money😂

  29. Jesus Christ is Lord, not a curse word

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