KING OF SEAS PREVIEW – A new isometric Pirate Adventure Game.

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  1. It gives me a lot of Sid Meiers Pirates vibes. Very nice.

  2. It reminds me of that incredible gem that was "Overboard!" on PSX/PC (1997).

  3. Ehh, this does not look that good. There is no pvp besides ship pvp so it will get boring quick in my opinion.

  4. am i the only one that thinks this kinda looks like a mobile game

  5. Dont you dare leave sea of thieves behind

  6. Not a single mention of the game that clearly isnpired them: Sid Meier's Pirates

  7. There’s this pirate game I’ve sunk some time into called “The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt”.

    It’s an open world that takes place all across the Caribbean stretching from Florida to Brazil and as far west as eastern Mexico. You command a fleet of pirate ships and can get ketch’s, Schooners, Brigs, Galleons, War Galleons, Frigates, Man’o’Wars, 2nd and 1st rates.

    Pretty nice game tbh, on my main save I have 3-4 1st rates and my main ship being a Man’o’War, fast, tough, and packs a punch. However, actually getting to that is difficult.

  8. When are Rare/Microsoft going to give telltale games licence to make a lore driven adventure game based on SOT? It would make a great accompaniment.

  9. the ships have masts nets so i already love it, i really wish sea of thieves had realistic rigging

  10. Looks kinda like a complete overhaul of Windward. Very interested!

  11. Hey Falcore. I know youre kown for your Sot adventures and content, I watched your broke to woke video where you talked about how your channel exploded in popularity. I was wondering, and please be honest, but do you get tired of pirate games? Would you like to show off your humor in other titles/genres?

  12. Thanks for the Review.

    But I think I stick with my Sid Meier's Pirates Game. It don't have the same artstyle but it has probably a better story and I really like the little duel fights or the dancing minigames.

    Maybe I give this game a try.

  13. Legit my luck, first we fight a Ashan lord, then get butt raped by other players, then we find a reapers chest, then these guys are legit hit every shot on us and spawn killing.

  14. "Seem like the Kraken is so pathetic as Sea of Thieves" XD

  15. The real question is why anyone should play this game, over Sea Of Thieves? SOT is the end all be all, of pirate ship games. If the really wanted to challenge Sea Of Thieve, maybe the should do Something with AIR SHIPS in the same style as Sea Of Thieves, I would play that.

  16. Good Promo, Falcore! Going to look this one up whenever it drops!

  17. Looks a little bit like sid meyers pirates

  18. Next best thing to get since skull n bones will never come ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  19. I play a game similar to this called Windward. I hear they are making a second version of it soon.

  20. Its like someone said. Hey lets take zelda and turn it into a crappy pirate game. 😂 i love sea of thieves and if someone ever ever made a realistic version. With movie bf2 graphics id buy it no hesitation.

    Like skull and bones!

  21. "A big magical head appears"

    Where did I see this before?

  22. Between this and "Under the Jolly Roger" I'm mostly covered for a on the go pirate sim

  23. The new sea of thieves update looks radical

  24. I thought this was a new ship cosmetic for sea of thieves

  25. Call me harsh but watching this is depressing

  26. I think Nitrado should consider wich platform they place this game. It looks and plays like a mobile game.

  27. erm wrong video but do you think something is going to happen at ancient spire outpost

    i think something big may happen because i found a massive crack under the dock
    although idk how long its been there

  28. Seems like a half assed rip off of sea of thief's. alot looks copied imo

  29. Thank ye for this preview matey. I had this game on me Wishlist for quite some time, and now I be thinkin' o' doin' a let's play o' it on me channel in the days to come.

  30. Oh wow I thought this was satire but this is an actual game

  31. Imagine me as Anakin… anyway, I HATE YOU!

  32. Looks like it could get boring very fast.

  33. Reminds me of a mix of Sea of Thieves and World of Pirates

  34. This is like when they brought a fake Minecraft on xbox and over 3 million copys sold

  35. Someone ordered Sea of Thieves on Wish . To me it’s seems very crappy, are you sure they didn‘t sponsore you?

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