Kraken Saves the Day! – Sea of Thieves

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  1. Fighting someone like that is desperate, I still think you would of won and the game is sea of thieves so I can't really complain

  2. It's "Naval" my friend, just here to correct ya.

  3. If ur about to battle the kraken do this:
    If it sounds like the kraken is making ramen noises go the the deck of ur ship so u dont get pulled away from ur ship
    If the kraken wraps around u dont shoot the thing that wrapped around u instead shoot the mouth of the kraken
    Hope this helped

  4. You should actually run away when the legendary kraken is here, Pirates : Hell nah im not running away im fighting!

  5. Scheiß sweater wegen solchen Leuten macht das Spiel keinen Spaß

  6. I love when people forget your loot's not your until you sold it

  7. I remember I was playing hide and seek on a out post with my friends, and we looked in the distance and saw a ship getting attacked by a kraken, and we swam over and helped them [:

  8. This is why the kraken is my favorite monster.

  9. Does anyone know what the Cracken looks like under the water😮

  10. I understand their point of view. Some YouTuber with thousands more hours than you can ever put in just made money off you..

  11. I played this game once didn’t like it I decided to search up content for it I’m disliking it more and this virgin making me not want to play it even more

  12. Did anyone realize that one of the guys has the hunter of the shrouded ghost title!? How did he get that did he buy it or did he kill a shrouded ghost? Please comment if you know

  13. Sign can you stop being so toxic? This game takes so long to do shit in and having people go on trolling sprees like this ruins the game for everyone. You could've just joined them and made more wholesome content instead of this toxic showboating crap.

  14. You know I get that people gotta do shit for content but I won’t lie this game is dead because of this shit there’s nothing to do in the game but make money but every time you do something that makes major money you get rolled up on while nobody is on the boat and screwed over we’ve tried doing fotd for two weeks straight and every time we’ve made an attempt we get sunk as we are wrapping it up and we check to see if people are coming and do basically everything to ensure it won’t happen and it always does so moral of the story is the only reason people play is to f over other people who actually try to play the game and I get it’s a pirate game but for fuck sake if I can’t finish fort of the damned without being killed and sunk and seeing as they don’t actually add content to unlock and the game is saturated with cosmetics people don’t care for and most of the cool cosmetics are behind pay walls sot has good roots and a solid concept but lazy execution it’s like they did just enough to please a section of the community and as soon as they where like wow it’s better than the start they where like alright we are done

  15. How’d a kraken spawn during a fof tho

  16. Pls put the kraken of credit :3

  17. That’s awesome how he mega jumps over

  18. Why do you see it necessary to kill the last guy when he's just taking it? Kinda a dick move ngl

  19. People like Sigy have made me quit the game

  20. Shooting another ship: enemies
    shooting another ship while getting attacked by a kraken: arch nemesis
    Leaving the other ship while it’s getting attacked by a kraken: enemy’s
    helping the other ship getting attacked by kraken by shooting the kraken and making the kraken disappear: friendship

  21. How did the kraken spawn if there was an active FoF

  22. As soon as I got my ship in this game in five mins I got a megaladon spawn on me, a skeleton ship, and someone go krackened, that’s the first five mins of my maiden voyage and I got the game today 😅

  23. The other night I had a brig sink us plus a few others and yell racial slurs at us. I proceeded fill up my sloop with 10 powder kegs and head over to the brig and a skeleton ship spawns on me and blows up every keg as I was about to close in on the brig. Sometimes the game helps you. And sometimes it helps out the unworthy

  24. Try to get gold curses of smelly and Athena there's a video idea

  25. Yo they had hunter of shrouded ghost

  26. Caseoh can destroy you
    Dont forgot he causes tsunamis when every jump

  27. They were paid actors they had shrouded ghost title Sigy you can't fool us.

  28. When the game first came out the kraken and little sharks were rhe only thing in the water and one time i was about to be sunk by another galleon (was by myself) the kraken showed up and took them out. Amazing memory

  29. The kraken on enemy team:💀
    The kraken on your team:

  30. Do you guys know about our lord and savior Jesus Christ, He died on the Cross and rose again 3 days later for all of our sins, and when he comes back He's gonna come back like a thief in the night meaning we are not gonna know when He comes back so p

  31. Are we not gonna talk about the guy with the shrouded ghost title?

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