Kraken vs Pirate Ship in Stormworks gameplay. Can SpyCakes defeat the Kraken using a pirate ship in this Stormworks sea monster battle or will the ship begin sinking? This is a Stormworks multiplayer survival featuring a pirate ship and kraken survival!

►Sea Monster sinking my ship!

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About Stormworks: Build and Rescue:

Design your own boats & ships in this physics playground game. From helicopter to boats and ship; plan thrilling rescues in a variety of challengingsurvival scenarios in single player or multiplayer and even survival!

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  1. This community is amazing you guys sopport so well👏👏👏👏

  2. Spy are you going to play sea of thieves again i really liked those videos

  3. Any Sons of the forest yet Spy, U haven't made another sons of the forest for 3 Days so.

  4. Love the Stormworks vids, keep up the good work Spy! ❤

  5. Eave day I watch your video you are the best YouTube can you plan more storm works?

  6. When I saw this on my for you page I got swept away by loads of nostalgia

  7. Your vid’s are great keep up the work, your wobbly life vids helped me on the game

  8. I'm so happy that spy finnaly upload another storm work😁


  10. Day 404: making spycakes to play Roblox Specter and slap battle

  11. I love watching Chanel that I subscribe and liked to all videos and all friends

  12. I’ve been here since 100k and do you know how long I’ve been waiting for ob AND Camodo in stomworks

  13. Yeeeeaaaahhh you don't know about that white big spy balloon just floating on over Canada to America.

  14. Heya! Appreciate that you guys used my Pirate ship! Loved this (:

  15. I have been watching sence 500k subs keep up the good work ❤❤❤😊😊😊👍👍👍

  16. my friends are not letting me play with them but your vid cheer me up:)

  17. Spy has the best vids I yousted be a ob fan and branden

  18. Best youtuber
    I like your videos so much I can't stop watching it

  19. its been years since i saw you, so glad.

  20. Brojax_gaming and animations #roadto100 says:

    You properly released the kraken

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