Krew – Becoming The Best Pirate! – Multiplayer Piracy Game – Gameplay

Today we’re playing an awesome io game called! In you can either become a ship captian or crewmember and it’s your job to attack other ships and collect cargo to improve your own ship. It’s definitely one of the best io games out there and I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thanks for watching and liking.


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Intro: Title: Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slips & Slurs & Subtact – Break The Silence
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Outro: JAWN – Duck of Doom


  1. why does youtube think this game is roblox???

  2. I think i played with you a few days ago.

  3. Stop saying "I don't got", it's "I don't HAVE". LEARN ENGLISH

  4. omg so greystillplays was on ur crew thats sick

  5. this game is dumb, you can be killed while docked and you can't play with your friends because too many people immediately join.

  6. That little boat what are you talking about

  7. looks and uses that same texturs as roblox

  8. the description says it's roblox.GOD DAMNIT DRAE YOU SAID IT WAS KREW,IO

  9. Put .io in front of a game then suddenly boom it will be he most played game of the month, after that nobody will ever play it

  10. I freaking love games like this. something in me thinks I was a pirate in a past life. sly Cooper 3, AssassinsCreed , windwaker

  11. Its funny that it says roblox in the description.
    Edit:Not Any More.

  12. Did u play offline with a person called graystillplays he's one of my favourite yot users and on his episode u were his captain

  13. can anybody help me every website I go to about it just the screen goes blank and nothing loads in;(

  14. This game is so fun to watch! Please do another video!

  15. Drea, i got a question does the respawn button work for you? For me when i click it, the io game just freezes.

  16. So if you pirate the game about piracy are you supporting the developers?

  17. You should collaborate with GrayStillPlays U kinda already did in this vid with him and Baron Von Gamer

  18. Gast when the little guy went under you he died under you so you got the loot under your boat so you coudnt see the loot idk

  19. This is a fun game to watch and play. Thanks for the entertainment +Draegast

  20. dude you were on the same boat as blitzkriegsler


  22. drae you got me hooked on this game and i got my friends hooked on it and now this is all we can do during class😂

  23. i was watching Racist Videos…this is how i Relax.

  24. This game is impossible with idiots who risk their crew lives just for crates.

  25. draegast, are you gonna play "sea of thieves" when it comes out?

  26. XD if but subtitlees on when he says Draegast it says drae ass LOL

  27. XD if but subtitles on when he says Draegast it says drae ass LOL

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