I believe it is long overdue that someone clarifies the dos and the do nots. In the video I will be going over what it requires to ascend characters to eleven stars for regular and ultra-rare characters, hero’s that you need to look out for during early game, mid game, and late game.

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  1. thanks bro, yes when we created the tierlist we only went from the skills and their special features, but now that we've got Yamato & Marco to go with it we will also make a new one, this tierlist has helped some players, correct is also from You, Ivan in A Have We Done because of your abilities from the skills and for the arena system in the end game you will not be of any use.

  2. I think you did an awesome job of explaining. I'm still super early game so I'm glad I checked this it will save me a lot of headache for sure. I really love this game it's super fun it can be idle and you are getting progress. I think for being only 56$ in I have had a lot of awesome pulls. Well now I know some are way better but still it's been amazing.

  3. Um im lvl 102 and i got big mom but i have to wait a couple sundays for shards cause i get summit wars rewards at that time but do i change lvl 165 sengoku to big mom lvl 100?

  4. why exactly should you not take in whitebeard?

  5. Nice I feel like wado law has been treating me well with X2 heal/dps . And damn I have. 205 ace… can I feel dumb

  6. مرحبا كيفه يمكني تحميل لعبه على هاتفي بليز

  7. How exactly does the release of characters work? I know they're delayed based on your server but I have never even seen UR blackbeard or oden even when I switch to server 1

  8. Hey man can u showcase how to get 6 star acension

  9. I got sengouk 7 stars I’m only a level 65 250 battle power who do you think is better at 7 star sengouk or wano luffy cause I heard luffy till like 8 star is when he gets better than sengouk

  10. I have 9* regular law at 450k should I get rid of him I also just used 9* law as food for shanks so I’m happy

  11. Damn i have only akainu enel rayleigh sengoku and doflamingo, No wonder why my team was so weak. But i am so unlucky getting those heroes specially wano zoro which everyone has. ;( im at n35 Lvl100 610k bounty

  12. I'am a free player broo, to have a good Hero Its hard, but thanks for the advice

  13. Which region can download this game in ios? Please tell me

  14. NA49 here – Ordeal Clan (We rule the server) O•Phäzmä : 121 lvl- 1.30M Bounty- Wano Zoro 11s lvl4sp / Wano Luffy 11s lvl4 sp / Kuzan 11s lvl4 sp/ Oden 10s lvl2sp ( got oden6s just waiting on 2x 9s to ascend to 11s Oden) / Kaido 10s lvl0 sp ( 1 kaido missing to ascend to 11s)// also got shanks at 8s, wano blackbeard at 7s and katakuri at 8s

  15. Law is the best healer the only one better is crocus and the ur healers reg law is better than wono law and kid is way to low

  16. Can u do a new one with new ur characters? Ty 😉

  17. Can anyone please confirm if Soba Mask is Trash? I love Sanji and I want him to be soooo good.

  18. how can i get enma zoro? its really sick but i dont see it in the archive pool in advanced summon. Are they like event special? imm new to the game

  19. Can somebody help me? I wanted to find this game, but I didn’t found it, the only i saw, was a pirate reborn, pirate reborn and bounty pirates are identical, but there is no Bartolomeo, Sanji Germa 66, Oden, Kaido, Kuzan pirate… my question is, is this one game, but with other name, or this is a strange no updated version, wtf is going on

  20. Hi and thanks should i save all blue diamonds for the elite summons? And should save the 5* star frags? Or should i use it when i have enough?

  21. any team composition tips? like how many dps, how many def, how many healer in a team?

  22. I just started in new server,our top bounty is 270k,what is a good team to invest in? Currently had eneel,wano zoro,whitebeard,law,Kuzan and dont wanna invest in the wrong team/people

  23. Being in mid game and seeing how my jinbe had just dropped off sucks I’ve been feeding Mihawk off as fodder this whole time gonna replace my jinbe with him

  24. Guys do you know how can i see the full specialmoves? Any idea?

  25. Just got, white beard, sengoku, akainu, wanu zoro ang Kuzan. I have still ace, enel and rob luci. I just started today. Any opinion on my team please.

  26. I rarely see garp on high level players. Is garp that bad?

  27. Mihawk or Kuzan? My Team atm is W.Zoro, Law, Sengoku, Katakuri and Kuzan, im thinking of changin kuzan for mihawk, what are your thoughts?

  28. Hay i have 9* kuzan and flamingo*9.. wich one should i give for rayleigh to become 10*?

  29. I have Nami 11* and i think she is good, because my bounty is lower than 1mio and she makes pretty much damage around 500k-1mio with her ulti and 150k to 300k normal damage

  30. It’s canada,I can’t login the game,it says the app is no longer available in App Store,do you know why?

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