LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean FULL GAME Longplay (PS3, X360, Wii)

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean FULL GAME walkthrough Longplay (PS3, X360, Wii) No Commentary

Watch it in shorter parts here:


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  1. It's strange that there's no 'dead men tell no tales'

  2. Dude who else hates when the audio cuts out

  3. I remember being so scared of getting eaten by the sharks

  4. I Remember watching my brother play this Game, good times

  5. Lego Disney's pirates of the Caribbean the video game video game 2011 ps3

  6. I felt Horrible for having the fight Jack Sparrow

  7. This needs to be on the ps5 hands down best game


  9. Just bought it on steam can’t wait to relive my childhood

  10. i wish i could go back where i just played this game restfully wihout any stress or problems

  11. Play this game …I Have 36 yers old….hahahahha

  12. Did you guys realized that the song aren't actually the song inside the game and I bet the people who believed it was in the game but I heard the original audio of this game and it's not the same

  13. So much goddamn nostalgia! I used to play this shit all day 8-10 years ago when I was like 5-7 years old. Unlocked every character. So much fun. I miss it so much, makes me want to fucking cry and I’m not even an emotional dude😂

  14. they fucking removed the original songs. screw disney!

  15. I remember playing this when I was 9.. happier times

  16. I got a jar of dirt ~captain jack sparrow

  17. I never had full game but i always played demo on xbox360 but I'm going to buy psp verision

  18. Lego Disney's pirates of the Caribbean the video game video game 2011 ps3 call disney from tt games 😎😂😁

  19. 18-25 year olds: sm64 is the biggest nostalgia
    12-16 year olds:

  20. I remember playing this when I was like 4
    No lie

  21. Jesus christ is coming repent choose him today, he loves you

  22. I remember staying over at my friends place for days figuring out the different missions and characters good times… good times…

  23. first game I've ever 100% completed when I was really young

  24. I got this game yesterday for my old wii game console

  25. Damm we lucky people grew up with this golden games instead of fortnite war zone and all that stuff

  26. this lego games are just fun 🙂 watch and enjoy

  27. It took me 9 years to get to the secret level

  28. I built strong friendships over this game as a kid

  29. I've played this with my sis for two years

  30. I don’t know how to get it to the musicthatyougusareplayingitissogoodandiwateitpleas

  31. Bro I didt even play that bc it doest load if you done the first task

  32. Curse of the black pearl
    Dead mens chest
    At world s end
    On stranger s tides
    The best Pirate I ever seen

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