LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean – Full Gameplay Walkthrough (Longplay)

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean – Full Gameplay Walkthrough (Longplay)
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  1. This and Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga are my favorite lego games of all time. The cutscenes were genuinely funny at times in this, and I thought Jack's compass was a unique gimmick.

  2. Hello! We, the creators of the Corsairs Legacy pirate game, have reached out to you via email. Kindly take a moment to review it.

  3. 20 Levels Through The Game Constesteting 5 Levels Per Film.

  4. I miss these older Lego games. They ruined them when they added dialogue.

  5. The fact that Johnny Depp actually did the voice for Jack makes this game more funny.

  6. I remember playing this with my dad when i was little, so much nostalgia.

  7. I’m going on a POTC marathon and I keep referring back to this video to see what point I’m at in the movie compared to the game

  8. Man this game brings back memories I played this when I was in prek good thing I still got the game but I just wish I could go back in time it was so much fun back then compared to now

  9. the memories dude, i wanna be young again i miss this so much

  10. Ok if this game had six levels for each moive instead of five heres what it would be
    Port Royal
    Isla De Murta
    The Black Pearl Attacks
    Smugglers Den
    Lifting the curse
    Prison Fortress
    A Touch of Desinty
    The Dutchmans Secret
    Isla Cruces
    The Kraken
    Davy Jones Locker
    The Endeavour
    Norringtons Choice
    The Brethren Court
    The Malestrom
    Londen Town
    Queen Ann’s Revenge
    White Cap Bay
    Island Trail
    A Spainsh Legacy
    The Fountain of Youth

  11. Oh my god I’m so mad
    I was given the 3ds version as a child despite having a 360 I never knew the 3ds version was nothing like the home console versions


  13. My top 3 lego game tbh next to Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars the nostalgia i'm getting from this is crazy <3

  14. i am crying because me and my brother with play this on the pc with a

    disc when we had no wifi and we never finished the game its been years since we played now we are trying to finish it

  15. I wish they would add dead men tell no tales and the 6th one coming out.

  16. This game need a remake with all saga and voices actors

  17. Што за дебильство??? 🤮

  18. I would like to ask if I can use your gameplay for a video I'm making, It's me just explaining a game that I enjoyed playing in 2023 in a 3×3 grid format, and I will make it clear that it's your video

  19. I sure would love to see this game get the full Skywalker treatment but they waited so long that now I wonder if disney would allow Johnny to voice act I it or not? Maybe lego could get away with just using audio from the movies for it. I feel like they could. This game is great but if you don't know the movies inside and out you would be so confused since they skip through soooooo much story.

  20. The game i played when i was living with my abusive father for 2 years:

  21. I remedier I platedebuterte this game when I vas 7 years old I whish I vas lille aigen

  22. Tbh, they should make a remake of this with the last one

  23. i love lego pirates of the caribbean the video game

  24. Is there a possibility to get the minifig torsos of the Crew at the start from Lego?

  25. My top ones had to be the Lego hobbit, Lego Jurassic world, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, and Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes. Bro these games were my childhood! I used to have the first Lego Batman game on my PlayStation 2 but it crashed and has been broken ever since. 😢

  26. So they completely ignored all the actual movie characters and just used random crap skins?

  27. how did you upload this with the music? Youtube tells me it cannot be viewed by anyone because of copyright

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