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  1. This has to be my favorite short on YouTube! Got into it with a squeaker yesterday and I had the jack fit on and he said “screw you jack sparrow!” When I killed him

  2. TURN MAN TURN got me as if he isn't the game player

  3. Ahh, so THAT'S where the the rum's gone

  4. Dude if I owned the pirates ip I would totally hire you as jack your impression is spot on.

  5. If they make another jack sparrow movie you neeeeeed to do it

  6. Русские есть?

    Почему у нас нет таких стримеров? Это было бы круто

  7. Doesn’t care about the sinking ship but WE MADE A LIFE CHANGING DISCOVERY…… RUM😂

  8. He has now taken Johnny's place as the Captain
    He must carry the mantel

  9. The word rum and the word death mean the same thing to you

  10. Did anyone see the shark looking at him in the end

  11. Work at Disney you need to work at Disney and tell them I want to be a mascot for Jack sparrow Magic Kingdom. You are perfect and you literally got his voice. I wish I can voice act this good.😊

  12. Bro please audition for Disney jack Sparrow


  14. The best Jack sparrow impression I've seen in a long time
    Subscribed 👍🏼

  15. It would be absolutely fucking hilarious if the actual Johnny depp played SOT as jack sparrow

  16. Seeing a year old reel is starting to feel weird since I remember watching this when you originally posted it😂

  17. the first thing my mind came to when seeing the island was: oh wow he did the ashen winds

  18. Not the shark casually swimming towards him xD

  19. Where’s Deadpool when you need him 😂

  20. You can't be Captain Jack Sparrow without rum

  21. People who know the song sea of thieves we sailin with the team we headin up north as far as the eye can see we care free have no need to flee


  22. Oh no we sunk 🙁 Oh well want really that Mutch on board 😐 HAOUGHH 😱 TURN MEN TURN 😠 THERE'S A SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT LIFE CHANGING DISCOVERY! 😄 Rum 🙂 Perfect🥳

  23. so nobody talking about the super jump?

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