ANTI PIRACY SCREENS ARE BACK! But today we are playing AN ACTUAL PIRATED MARIO GAME! In this Super Mario Bros 2 Game, LUIGI is corrupting and haunting it and punishes us for not legally aquiring the game!
This Anti Piracy verison of Super Mario Bros 2 was created by Primal Koopa and NotSoDevyJolt has made an own Fan Game out of it! Really awesome, I hope we see more of that in the future!
Afterwards I react to some more good old Anti Piracy Screens and Measures video.

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Anti Piracy Screen Video we reacted to:

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  1. SMASH the LIKE button or i will come after you!

  2. 100 likes. Huh. Well thats gonna change.

  3. Superb video luigikid.

  4. Imagine a concept of two .exe's actually running into each other and fighting with each other, trying to kill the player but stopping the other from killing them.

  5. This is why you don't listen to Twitter when it tells you to pirate games.

  6. "Every Copy Of Super Mario Bros.2 is (Kind of) Personalized and Luigi has hacked them!"

  7. There is nothing better to a horror video than drinking 1 year old lemonade for some reason

  8. Luigi torture his son because he pirated his brother game

  9. 9:34 That's Knuckles' jumpscare from triple trouble, didn't think I would see it in a fanmade anti-piracy screen

  10. I'm so proud of my bf Primal and his friend! They did such a good job on this that even Luigikid played it!

  11. Oh no don't corrupt my 6900 hour terria save

  12. Hey luigikid I got a request for ya!
    Can you react to the greving re-take?
    And also suicide mouse re-take trailer (for an extra)?
    And also by the same creator of Red Mist re-take

  13. Isn't Super Mario bros 2 just a reskin of a japan game? btw hd textures was taken from Super Mario Advance

  14. Wow now Luigi is a guard that defend mario games from pirating

  15. OMG!!! why im gonna get banned from discord server

  16. Triple trouble knuckles doesn't just sing, he also does anti piracy PSAs as a side gig

  17. Пр а будет ли часть видео

  18. Its kinda funny that someone made anti piracy vid of "gacha life" while so far this game made around 2018-2019

    Which mods already exist

  19. 7:10 yeah all of hate hate gacha ( my cousins makes it)
    Gacha haters

  20. 9:30
    Fun fact that knuckles only head was not original they used a fnf triple trouble knuckles jump scare

  21. Look at this sonic.exe one last round photo

  22. Luigi kid, I think you great with you videos you inspired me. Thanks your demonic MX

  23. HA! this no privacy lessions on the consoles that gives me the GODAMN Willies!!!!!!!!

  24. Yo luigi kid, you don't mind if you can react to vibing leaf's new videos the grevning, Herobrine,Po's great villian ,mario 19 and this man reimagined. Its a choice.

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