Lying Pirates – Board Game Playthrough

Watch us as we do a playthrough of the game! We play one round of the game with 4 people using the base map.

Out now on Kickstarter!

The wildest dice game of the century
Lying Pirates mechanics are inspired by the classic game of liar’s dice. We’ve taken the best parts of that game and combined them with some new twists and turns to provide players with an experience that is fast, entertaining, and easy to play.


  1. £80 for this game – well over priced!!!!

  2. Captain Mad Dog ruins the game. His power is unstoppable unless all other captains counter him. I suggest NOT playing with him in any game you want to be fun. (Played a dozen times with 100% win rate for every game he's in)

  3. This game looks so awesome!I've read that you will be at the SPIEL 22 in Essen, will it still be possible to back you then?

  4. Kanon! Spelet ser jätte kul ut , tur man backar det

  5. I love how quickly this game can be set up, played, and taught. It will take time to memorize all the tiles for faster play, but, if played enough, it won't take long 😁
    Thank you for this video and I am now REALLY EXCITED about getting this game! 😂

  6. way more interaction between players with the action cards than I was expecting. Quite a few screw your neighbor cards in there.

  7. Would love to see more special crew dice you can add to your roll pool. But only a few so it is not too much

  8. Do the actual tiles you land on, or the dice you use on the board, have abilities or actions to them when you land on them or use them or are they just for artwork on the board or for extra dice when rolling?

  9. So you can only play one gold card per turn, but as many silver as you want per turn?

  10. But wait… what if you drop the battle dice off the table? Is that forever lost too? 😦😅

  11. After watching the video, i find the 3rd phase (action phase) to be unnecessary really. I feel like cards should be played before the battle for the tile (gold cards) and after the battle (silver cards) with cards that actually have an impact to the tile or player winning the tile. Unless there are counter cards. It feels like when a player plays a card against an other player, he just can't reply/counter that move…
    Also, as you can win dice by locking a successful bet, why players don't loose a die when failing to call out a player a liar ?
    Also, would it make more sens than only the players on the actual tile can battle to win it ?

  12. Awesome video and got me even more excited to start playing . I was curious about one of the rules. Does slamming your hand on the table serve a purpose (besides stating you wanna increase the number by one and keep the face) or is it just a fun gesture to do? I noticed one of you didn’t do it, so it didn’t know if it’s something you gotta do.

  13. I love the battles, the screwing your opponents, the special die and just the overall feel of the game! I looking forward for my deluxe game!
    already told my board game amigos that there will be a new game we play next year

  14. I can't wait to play, such a fun spin on a classic!! I bet that fly on the camera couldn't wait to play either 🙂

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