Lying Pirates Board Game Review – Ye Banished Privateers on Tour

We brought an upcoming pirate themed board game with us on tour and tested it on Trve Pirates!

After seeing the kickstarter ad, we reached out to the designers and asked to be sent a copy of the game. This is not a sponsored video, and we do not get paid to do this. We just thought the game looked cool and wanted to try it out!

Lying Pirates kickstarter campaign (launches August 30th):

Piratenabenteuer Festival in Vlatten, Germany. Hope to see you there in 2023:

For a quick and dirty explanation of the rules, we recommend you check out Pirates Parley Gaming!’s review:


  1. how can it be that I backed this game even befor piratenabenteuer I was so fucking hyped all the time to try it, I was even at the event and I never noticed you played that there … thats kinda funny and sad at the same time

  2. Hej, vad heter låtarna som spelas i bakgrunden av den här videon? Har precis börjat lyssna på er så jag har inte koll 😊

  3. Judging by the unhappy faces of the players, this game can quarrel people with each other. Lie destroy trust and friendship.

  4. You guys should come to "Pyrate Fest" on the island of Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

  5. Games are measured by the fun you had while playing them, so it looks like this one’s a keeper! Cheers!

  6. Haha, this is really fun, have you tried Dread Fleet ?

  7. Очень круто. Интересное представление.

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