Mets vs. Pirates Game 1 Highlights (9/7/22) | MLB Highlights

Mets vs. Pirates full game 1 highlights from 9/7/22, presented by Roman Health

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  1. One reason that the Pirates are 30 games out of first place: 0:28 onwards… The second baseman stands as a spectator while the ball goes under the mitt of the third baseman and then starts to back him up when it's too late. (5:33) The batter also spectates, watches what he auumes will be a home run; it is not and then he has to bust it to second. No wonder there are more empty seats than filled ones.

  2. Nice win by the Mets. Lets get the second win for Game 2. Lets go Mets.

  3. Braves are super hot. Gotta keep winning Mets. Yes 5 more wins this month probably gets us in the playoffs, but I want the Mets to win the division

  4. One thing consistent about the Mets is their September meltdown, injury plague and general tired play when they need the most energy.

  5. Mets needed this one Desperately, they need to win the Second Game too. #LGM 🧡💙

  6. a first place team finally figuring out how to beat last place teams

  7. Batting average of Pirates 1 – 9: .218, .252, .237, .201, .213, .238, .201, .285, .215.
    Horrendous. Cherrington’s in denial on some of these prospects. Chavis jogging. Joke.

  8. Nimmo should be in contention for a gold glove

  9. When are they going to lift the Covid restrictions there and allow as many fans to the games as possible?

  10. I was at this game and let’s just say I was pissed-

  11. Don’t get me wrong I already loved the Mets TV team way before today but having to listen to 20 seconds of the Pirates TV announcers reminded me how lucky I am to be a Met fan and have the 3 headed GOAT with Gary, Keith, & Ron!!!


  12. Team ownership is to blame for the last 36 years get rid of that 5% allowing these players to stink up the field and never score runs for the best pitchers.

  13. The New York Mets are 86-51🔵🟠⚪️🏙🗽

  14. well mets fans I said it many times "its still too early" now do ya believe me? No way the Dodgers get beat 3 in a row by 22-4 NO F'N WAY.. The mets will need some luck & then some they are not Dodger Brave or Huston killer instinct, So health & luck gets them into pennant, LG f'nM!!

  15. Some of these players need to hustle a bit more and not just assume a ball you’d just hit is gonna go out of the park for a home run. Missing out on getting some extra bags. Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. Hey Mets announcers……that's Jack Suwingandamiski in center not Reynolds

  17. You WILL see a great game soon, Chris Bassitt against Garret Cole, sometime next month. TBA in October!

  18. Do anybody get the feeling that this division race between the Mets/Braves is gonna be like last year 2021 between the giants and the dodgers cause that was one hellava division race

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