Mets vs. Pirates Game Highlights (6/10/23) | MLB Highlights

Mets vs Pirates full game highlights from 6/10/23

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  2. I'm sorry that was a BS call on Guillorme. He dropped the ball on the transfer, unless they did a review and I didn't see it.

  3. 中日ドラゴンズ says:

    Kodai Senga is the best🇯🇵

  4. Senga has Honor! 👻 Finally a Win!! LGM 🧡💙

  5. Kodai Senga 7 innings, 2 hits, 4 walks, 6 strikeouts, nice pitching

  6. コムドット→ says:


  7. 大都会终于赢回一场了

  8. Senga's performance difference between good and bad times is too big.😅 But no one can touch his pitching when it is good.👻👻👻

  9. The New York Mets are 31-34🔵🟠⚪️🏙🗽

  10. We won't win 80 games this year. Cohen is hiding in embarrassment.

  11. メッツ7連敗してたんか…

  12. Is everyone just going to ignore the unquestionable fact that Francisco Alvarez is by far the best catcher in the MLB

  13. all imma say is 1-0 since guillorme came back ( the francisco to guillorme was beautiful)

  14. Didnt watch the game but they walked Guillorme to get to Canha?

  15. Nimmo stole a rbi double from joe is clutch 😮

  16. Senga is going to owe Nimmo a Rolex after the season is over, for all those great catches he made that saved runs.

  17. This win is not enough to cover their 7 game losing streak but at least the slump ended

  18. Remember when the Pirates started the season 20-8. Reds are only 4 games back now 😂

  19. That Arreaz from the Marlins is a mini Tony Gwynn and Alvarez is looking like a mini Ivan Rodriguez..

  20. I was at this game 5 time as many Mets fans there as Pirates fans that was embarrassing and I must say I make it to one game every 10 years mets fans have to be the rudest fan base I've ever seen.

  21. Brandon Nimmo and the New York Mets wins the second ballgame over Connor Joe and the Pittsburgh Pirates, that's not good! ⚾🔵🟠⚪🗽🍎

  22. I think it's a good thing Pete gets some rest let these other guys get some abs

  23. Well it's about damn time, let's take the rubber game later today!

  24. Glad they finaly won, BUT, Buck the Schmuck's excuses (its all the quants telling me how to constructs the lineup) dont cut it. He and Eppler the schlepper need to be fired. They hate the younger players, only want to keep the older guys in (why was Canha playing first base? What about Vientos, who Buck said needs more consistent playing time). Why is Mauricio still in the minors. Bench Marte, Canha, Lindor, and make them take BP for 4 hours every day. DFA Vogelback. I am so tired of seeing them lose when they make errors, or the arsonist bullpen blows the game. STop allowing Scherzer and Verlander to pitch. Fired the batting coach, he is useless. Why is Buck so afraid to send Heffner to the mound when things are tough? They need to win 70% of the remaining games to even match the 2022 season wins. Not gonna Happen, Buck has been fired by 4 other teams, why is Steve C waiting? And keeping eppler, hoping he can sign Othani? Not gonna Happen, why would Othani join a losing team, which what the mets are. When they Yankees get ahold of the Mets, there will more losses by the Mets and more unneeded soul searching and hand wringing.



  26. I don't know how accurate the strike zone box is on tv, but the umpire called 42 pitches outside of the box, strikes.

  27. Nimmo and Alvarez having amazing seasons. LFGM

  28. Metss vs pirata🇺🇲⚾️

  29. I'm glad the Mets finally won, but I wanted to see Carlos Santana hit a home run. Do they play "Oye Como Va" in Pittsburgh when he does? I think it would be cool.

  30. Baty young so I understand make mistakes but didn’t even run assumed foul ball just hustle man

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