Mets vs. Pirates Game Highlights (9/6/22) | MLB Highlights

Mets vs. Pirates full game highlights from 9/6/22, pres. by Roman Health

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  1. This O'Neill Cruz fella has some serious power. Just a little swing there and the ball goes into the river. Raise the Jolly Roger!

  2. O'Neil Cruz is getting better and better. Loving it.

  3. Mets gotta get it together and stop playing down to competition

  4. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 50-84⚫️🟡⚪️☠️💀🏴‍☠️🦜

  5. It's only a matter of time, the Braves will win the East. The good thing is that the Mets will still make playoffs, but with no first round bye.

  6. Bahahaha all that hype! The biggest facade in baseball!

  7. Braves about to win there division amd get a first round by

  8. Keller has really come on this season. Cruz maybe starting to figure it out. But, c'mon Mets, I hate the Braves! Time for Showalter to knock over a food cart or something in the clubhouse to wake these guys up. You can't lose to the Pirates! Games against them in September are a gift from the scheduling gods and you're just wasting it!

  9. I was kind of a Cruz hater, but he’s looking a lot better as of late

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  11. O'Neil is OUTTASIGHT!!!!👀💯👍😎

  12. Cruz figured out an easy homepark homerun hack on this one. Any pull balls, he just barely has to drop the barrel on it, like a driving range.

  13. Now is the time to buy ONeil Cruz rookie cards while they're still affordable. I have eight of them

  14. Braves and Mets are now tied. Sorry mets fans

  15. Like, I can see losing a close game to the Nationals or Pirates. But to get beat by a combined 22-4 by two of the worst teams in baseball is just sad.

  16. Mets just a comic relief team until the Braves get hot

  17. From "Kings of New York" to swept by the Yankees to losing your division lead. Hero to zero.

  18. Glockness Monster if you see this comment, you are a LOSER and everyone is laughing at you!

  19. Cruz is the kind of guy where the hype around him only makes sense if you actually watch him play. Conventional stats don't paint him in the greatest light, and sure he needs to improve his average and consistency, but the talent is more than there and he's a fun gut to watch. For being such a skinny dude he creates so much power using his length to really build momentum in his swings and throws, and his speed is obviously a big part of that. If he fills out a bit and gets better st making contact in a way that complements his velocity, he'll not only be an incredible power hitter, but his average will skyrocket. I hope he really gets to where he could be because he has the potential to be a generational player.

  20. Another september mets choke. Just like 2007. And 2008. and 2021

  21. Yelich hit a 500ft homer in Coors today. How far do you think Oneil Cruz can go in Colorado? Im guessing 560 if he rips ball 122 mph again

  22. 4 runs in three games against last place teams and let in 25 runs? So brutal or so predictable? Not sure anymore as a Mets fan.

  23. Cruz better calm down, but before he gets traded to a good time 😂 (No disrespect but Pirates have been doing that for awhile now). BUT, only AFTER the series with the Mets 😂

  24. Mets never disappoints at disappointing me.

  25. Can we just move the Mets to the NL Central. They have no business repping the NL East. Apparently, it's only the Phillies, Nats, Marlins, and Braves that can do that 😂

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