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In 1979, Microsoft released ‘Adventure’ an interactive text adventure game that was a port of Colossal Cave Adventure – a mainframe adventure game released in 1976. Microsoft Adventure would contain the first known method of Copy Protection on its disk. In this episode we take a look at the Anti Piracy measure put in place and how it was defeated.

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  1. MVG really puttin the Vintage in this one.

  2. You come to like those moments when MVG bless us with a video, as always awesome work man, keep them coming 🙂

  3. Microsoft Adventure? Oh how great nostalgia it is for IBM PC! Nice work MVG.

  4. Approx 15 mins before the first spawnwave of the week, MVG blesses us with an amazing video.

  5. This copy protection videos are very educative.
    I really like them.

  6. Not even John Fatchin Spoilerman from DF can make such nice videos as MVG!

  7. Im a simple man, I get a Modern Vintage Gamer video nofitication and I click.

  8. I love these videos! These are very interesting to me.

  9. Microsoft Adventure. Where the real adventure is cracking the floppy

  10. Atleast Xbox say yes to emulation now

  11. The best anti-piracy method is to make your software so bad nobody will want to use it.

  12. Bill Gates lawyers are on the way now!

  13. An adventure is anti-piracy measures!

  14. Microsoft, 1979: Nah, we won't let you copy this game!
    Microsoft, 2021: You can use Windows 11 without a product key, if you agree to have a limited experience.

  15. Ah, MS Adventure…I can remember our math teacher allowing a bunch of us to stay after school hours to watch him play this…such memories!!🥲

  16. Really greate Video, I really love it. Allways a nice trip back down memory. Does anybody know where the first music track (intro) is available.
    Greets from Germany

  17. It's wild how the basic approaches haven't changed at all since then.
    Either fake or emulate whatever the copy protection is expecting, or just outright remove it.

  18. I found a game on a great sale on Steam yesterday, but it had Denuvo so I decided not to buy it. I don't want that malware on my system 😂

  19. That's really fascinating. I wonder if this Australian hacker inspired future Australian hackers like say a gentleman by the name of Lantis? 😎

  20. Those are some advanced solutions for the time holy moly. I hope everyone ended up doing well with their careers, both the port and its copy protection and the crack showed talent.

  21. i love how the incentive to pirate the game was the love of a single nerd for the game and not any financial interest 🙂

  22. This reminds me of Apple II protection schemes, where they would alter the track header. I remember I had a BASIC program called Softkey that could read/copy nonstandard disks like this. You had to use a hex editor to see what the modified headers were, input that into the program, and you could easily copy anything that used this scheme.

  23. That Microsoft logo predates the Metallica logo

  24. Please talk about Freespin C-64 demo by Reflex ? 🙂

  25. For me, this part of computing was dominated by cassette tapes (unfortunately) and there were similar methods there that you had to defeat. Most of these were custom / turbo loaders. You would also have to find out if (and where) you could load the machine code in RAM and later save it to tape again. All this on an Amstrad CPC 464…
    Later on I got my Atari STE and I had a multitude of tools to make backup copies…

  26. VT100 terminal with cyan text … takes me back to being 17

  27. Looks like another video where I can actually understand anything.

  28. Man, I missed my Super WildCard DX2 for the SNES, had very find memories with that back in the day.

  29. GGrrrr the disdain I have for Gates goes beyond words

  30. So, anyone else start feeling REALLY old when he had to explain what a text adventure was?

  31. Ah, security through obscurity. It never works in the long run

  32. This could have been a lot longer – I was just getting into it when it ended 🙂

  33. Why when I think "Microsoft Adventure" I just think of bill gates doing the Sonic Adventure pose.

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