MILITARY PIRATE GAMES $5500.00 STORAGE UNIT I bought an abandoned storage unit



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  1. Remember, you manifested some great stuff. Way to go!

  2. ❤️❤️❤️ this video and ❤️ you all. Very fun, and great job on this locker Pirate!

  3. Love you all being together. Great boxes. You're all winners as far as I'm concerned xXx

  4. My husband was stationed at Kadena Air Force base in Okinawa Japan. He said he would love to back someday! Scuba diving is unreal he said. The colors & variety of fish & plants is just out of this word.

  5. Love how u added grimes into this video…i had to look and make sure I was watching yoyr video and that my phone wasnt tripping lol

  6. What a awesome vid Pirate. Great to all the others with you. Hope you all have an awesome day

  7. What a great hook up . Keep smiling.. peace

  8. Love seeing all you crazy people together. Makes my day to see you all having fun.

  9. Always love watching 🤗. Thanks for sharing

  10. Love having all my favs in one video 💕

  11. "Comment below if you think Alex's valuations are fair"…. um, not exactly! Basically I invited all my friends over, the best!

  12. It was good seeing you all together and yes I agree I love you all but jebus won that sorry and locker nuts box ran off lol jk.

  13. I think Lockernuts won, those boots are wort a few bucks more,

  14. Jack from Locker Nuts gave me your link. I am hitting the subscribe button.

  15. That's awesome and fun. My vote is for Jebus

  16. Jebus clearly but if the boots in Jack's box had been less worn he would have won imo thx for fun

  17. This was a fun little episode. Great job all of you.
    When I looked at Locker Nuts' box, a phrase from my childhood came to mind . . . "Yo Momma Wears Army Boots" LOL
    I really wish I was down there helping you with this locker. I love all these vintage military items. Sadly there's no way I could afford to make the trip down from Canada. I guess I'll have to live vicariously through you, and I'm looking forward to the next video from this one.

  18. The green quilted jacket is a field jacket liner for colder weather.

  19. This was a great idea Pirate. It's so cool when you guys do stuff together. I adore the community you have built together. Such a family feel between y'all's channels. It's just lovely

  20. 7:07 and matching jacket were worn inside uniform for warmth.
    Don’t know the date but I know they had them in WWII, my Dad had a few sets.😉

  21. I'm surprised Jebus didn't load his box up with fake items like he does with his storage locker videos.

  22. CGN 36 USS California guided missile cruiser.. great ship

  23. You bought a locker full of junk! Lol

  24. The black on the water canteen from 1918 is from boiling water in it in a fire for water purification.

  25. 12:15 "Looks older than the ones we found already" is not. The number on there is the service members SSN. The earlier bag had a service number instead of an SSN. The service number bag predates the SSN numbered bag. Using the SSN as a service number is a 1970's and later thing. When you see the XXX YY ZZZZ format it is an SSN.

  26. The boots with the nails on the bottom are jump boots possibly from airborne forces. USA

  27. Alex one by like $800 those canteens are worth big money

  28. those type 1 jungle boots are worth ALOT

  29. the boots with the beveled edge on the inside of the heel are paratrooper boots and pretty desirable.
    the cover the 1943 canteen came out of is a specially reinforced for cavalry but they were also used by paratroopers during ww2.
    the canteens with metal caps are ww1 or very early ww2.

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