NEVER SHOW MERCY in a PIRATE GAME #twitch #shorts #seaofthieves #twitchstreamer #twitchclips

NEVER SHOW MERCY in a PIRATE GAME #twitch #shorts #seaofthieves #twitchstreamer #twitchclips


Hitbotc is a gamer, family man, and full-time nerd. He streams mainly Sea of Thieves with the occasional variety game. Come hang out for some gaming tips, tricks, and good vibes! Everyone is welcome on my channel!

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  1. "Do you know this boy?"
    *shows photo of John Connor

    "No officer, sorry."
    *slaps T-1000 on the back of the head as it walks away.

  2. I love how you are still polite with the ‘Sir’ as you commence with the murdering.

  3. He took their chest of legend bedore they shot at him. 🙂

  4. The last time I showed mercy in this game my ship was torn apart by my own keg. MY OWN HARD EARNED KEG

  5. I cannot believe those were legendary hunters.

  6. Bruh wtf why would they do that? Huge L

  7. You can show Mercy just don't ever trust anybody

  8. Last time I showed mercy they came and saved me from a reapers brig so idk

  9. I stopped i just lost to much man thats what the world does it turns u dark

  10. Mercy was never a option.

    What kind pirates they are. 🙂

  11. You can show mercy, but you should never let your guard down.

  12. Man cannonball Chris sure does show up alot in these videos!

  13. At least show me mercy. I am the reason to help noobs, to help people who got their loot stolen.

  14. People that attack and sink your ship even when they’ve been on it and have gone through all of it and found nothing are the reason I uninstalled that game

  15. Well, they earned it. I like this type of agreement. You showed you were stronger and asked for a payment, if they pay you leave, if they dont, they are destroyed.
    It is more interesting than just attacking once you see someone I think

  16. I remember once negotiating with one guy that we stopped from running away. He agreed to give away all the loot for a chance to not get sinked and we actually agreed. The dude unloaded all the loot and we were about to let him go but he dropped a keg off the ship and blowed himself up. We were so sorry for him that we make sure his ship didn't sinked 😂

  17. U did go a little to far asking for the Ruby tail… just saying

  18. I prefer to be friendly….as you can guess…..I sink alot….but that's also because there are crazy people who chase you to the ends of the earth and shoot themselves onto the boat and wreak havvoc.havoc.. I can't do close combat or sniping…just cannons and all the boat handiwork and sailing…..that's it

    Actually because of that I've ditched the boat and been playing sea of thieves hard-core style….er well on dingy or swimming from island to island with all my loot until I find a dingy

  19. creates a situation where he's very likely to be betrayed
    he's betrayed

    :pikachu face:

  20. Ngl I’ll spawn 1000+ kegs on your boat.

    Always remember: I’m not ASKING for mercy. I’m TELLING.

    Bother me and you will sink. Lose everything.
    I play the game for ME and MY GOALS. Not yours. PvP someone else.

    You bother me, I promise you’ll be on that black screen until your boat is done. I’ll ensure you stay there.

  21. “I’m willing to talk and negotiate” kills both of them without them fighting back

  22. What hull were you using? I like the colors

  23. Remind me of what happent last Christmas. Trying to share the holiday spirit, I hoarded some loot and approached a galleon to give it to them. Of course they first opened fire but after hearing me out they were happy… but after it was done and I sailed away.. they opent fire, killed me and sunk me… yay…

  24. i had a similar thing that happened to me
    i am a bad pvp player and i was solo slooping and a brig started chasing me but they were friendly and they wanted some chainshots and blunder bombs and they would give me 2 emissary flags i accepted and stoped but they killed me instantly

  25. Imagine being so dumb someone who smoked you that fast gives you the option of giving them a fish and a banana in exchange for you sailing away with the rest of your stuff, that you decide to shoot at them after. Could never be me

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