New Game “Kid-E-Cats: Pirate Treasures. Adventure for Kids” iOS and Android

Great news for boys and girls! New game Kid-E-Cats: Pirate Treasures – enjoy new adventures with favourite characters! Link for Google Play –
Link for App Store:

Kid-E-Cats were watching cartoons about pirates adventures and created new kids games. Kid-E-Cats start their expedition to find pirate treasures! Put away old boring toys. Do you want to swim on a ship to find pirates gold and to try real pirate adventures? Download these learning games for free and prove, that you are a real treasure hunter! Kid-E-Cats invite you to the exciting adventure!

☠️ Me-Wow! Me-Wow! Me-Wow! Kid-E-Cats are swimming to the pirate lands!☠️

⚓ Funny learning games with the characters from Kid-E-Cats cartoon
⚓ Pirate adventures and puzzles for kids
⚓ Many levels to find treasures and sea battles
⚓ Find pirate treasures and favorite toys
⚓ Choose a character from Kid-E-Cats cartoon
⚓ Exciting entertainment for toddlers for free
⚓ Unique and simple gameplay for kids
⚓ Choose pirate costumes for characters from Kid-E-Cats cartoon
⚓ Puzzles and adventures for boys
⚓ Dress up games – entertainment for girls
⚓ Possibility to play without internet

🎲 Kid-E-Cats roll the dice and dig out treasures🎲

Who is the luckiest treasure hunter? Roll the dice and dig! It is not so simple to find treasures. On the playing field there are a lot of places where gold could be hidden. Some places could be found only from second chance. Crabs and turtles are running, to distract a player. And other pirates are also looking for treasures. Find all the treasures earlier than your opponents!

⚓ Kid-E-Cats are looking for treasures of drawn ships.⚓

Between treasure islands there are dangerous coral reefs, that damaged ships with treasures. The chests from these ships are swimming on the surface. Some of them are empty, and some contain gold. Try your luck, guess where treasures are hidden!

👕 Kid-E-Cats are trying new cool pirate costumes. 👘

Candy, Cookie and Pudding choose their own bright pirate costumes. This game is interesting not only for girls. Dress up games are games for everybody. Players like to choose stylish costumes! Game contains a variety of stylish hats, bandannas and tricorns. Additionally to hats there are exciting captain costumes for boys and pirate dresses for girls.

Candy, Cookie and Pudding invite to take part in an exciting adventures at the treasure islands! Play with all family members! Toddlers as well as adults will like this game. Play with your favorite characters from Kid-E-Cats cartoon whenever and wherever you are even without internet!

🐱🐱🐱 Kid-E-Cats! Miou miou miou! Three tails! 🐱🐱🐱

Download a new game with your favorite characters –

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