NEW MOST ADDICTIVE Top Nintendo Switch Games!

Here are my new most addictive games so far – let me know your choices and a big thanks from Glen and I for 310,000 Subscribers – that’s genuinely so cool! Seeeeeya! Mark

00:00 – Intro
00:32 – Pirates Make Everything More Fun!
01:37 – This one has JUMPED to the top of my list
03:02 – Have A Nice LONG Gaming Session
03:54 – Years in the making but WORTH IT!
05:09 – Deadly Cells Castlevania Update
06:20 – Wildfrosty Spires
07:45 – No Man’s Comeback is Real!
09:19 – Did You Know About this mode?
10:17 – One Man Made His Perfect RPG
11:44 – What are yours?

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Happy Gaming
Mark & Glen

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  1. So if you like Rogue-like, deck-building, souls-like, survival games you’re gonna love this list. I do like a little FPS and Remanant does look good

  2. I was an addict of Slay the Spire, a big fan of Monster Train …Now i'm addict again with Pirates Outlaws (and it's your fault because before you spoke of it , i never heard about this one 😉 thanks).

    Just one little thing .. As a Belgian, I would love to see a french translation coming to this game in a patch in a near future… (right now only English, Deutsch, Chinese). I was a long time Magic the Gathering player, and I began to play in english , but welcomed french translation 🙂

    Whatttttt Whaaattttt .. you show me another addictive deck builder with Wildfrost.
    Man ! Those games are eating my time (but I like it)

    Still waiting for a sale for Rogue Legacy 2

  3. Remnant is amazing. Gyro would make it perfect (well, almost). The prequel Chronos is a great game as well. Several others have my attention… But I'm not done with Remnant yet.

  4. Chained echoes and No man are really top notch to play on switch

  5. Wildfrost looks so good.. i love STS and Monster Train.. and played rogue legacy 2 a Lot, such a great game

  6. Doom Eternal. Addictive. On the switch. Better than anything mentioned here.

  7. Beside Dead Cells which I already own, there are Five more games on this list that I will buy in the future. Too many games, not enough time 🥲

  8. Anyone got any good video recs for guides to no man sky? I’ve started it but got pretty overwhelmed as there’s so much you can do.

  9. Vernal edge does look fab. Can't believe the diddy size either!

  10. Congrats on the 310k subscribers..🎉🎉🎉🎉

  11. actually discovering "Heroes of Hammerwatch", what an addictive game too ! Even if far older than those games :p

  12. Excited to see the all patched up episode. I hope you include no man's sky especially since there is a new update.

  13. For me at the moment it's fire emblem engage. The dlc wave 4 adds so much to it… I'm at 160 hours and it's still convincing

  14. I hope Wildfrost will get the recognition it deserves. Cant wait for it

  15. Want to know what is ridiculous? The fact that my 2023 goal is to work on my backlog and yet I keep watching your videos and, therefore, wanting to buy new games.

  16. Had never even heard of vernal edge before this video. Now it’s on the top of my buy list!!

  17. What’s that piece of hardware on the vernal edge clip? Is that the new Switch?

  18. Dead cells was mediocre, don’t shoot me. I found it too hard and dying too easy. I couldn’t ever progress far.

  19. Chained echoes, no man’s sky, vernal, all soon to purchase and install on my backlog

  20. I keep going back to borderlands 2 for some reason 1500+ hours. Something about going Melee Zer0 gives me an adrenaline rush chaining many must fall.

  21. Necrodancer was a game I couldn't put down long after beating it, even with Aria

  22. Wildfrost! Yes thank you for including this! It was meant to be out q4 2022 and I've been waiting patiently since!

  23. Congrats on 310k guys. You are amazing. Also there are some real bangers in this video

  24. I buy so many great games because of your channel! Thank you for the great recommendations!

  25. Spending time with Roguebook lately, another decent deck builder. Hooks are definitely in.

  26. I cannot disagree more on Chained Echoes. It starts off so strong for the first 5-10 hours and then it becomes apparent the numerous issues and lack of polish and becomes super stale by the 20+ hour mark. I lost interest and never finished it.

    No voice acting REALLY stands out here mainly because as the characters talk their portrait never changes. The dialog comes off stilted and awkward and different emotions for the portraits would have REALLY helped to fix this and been the obvious solution to the problem. Some of the portraits are just ugly and confusing too, like the purple pig-tailed general. Is she smiling? Is she sticking her tongue out?? Is that her bottom lip?

    Back to the writing, it's really a big weak point of the game. The story starts out interesting and there are a few surprises but it eventually just plateaus and nothing really grips you enough to keep your interest. There's also some moments that could have been super cinematic but the developer just cuts to black or gets a character to explain it.

    Character progression starts off really strong as well but eventually becomes dull. The vast amount of skills and things you can unlock seems massive, but once you figure out the best skills (they're obvious once you play long enough) everything else just becomes pointless.

    The characters are also quite unlikeable. I'm not sure if that's due to the lack of emotion in the portrait and, outside of one character saying "shishishi" all the time (which I still don't get), everyone feels samey in the way they talk. Probably the unfortunate side effect of the developer doing all the writing as well.

    One thing I did enjoy was the combat. It's this constant juggling of skills and swapping characters and buffing and attacking. Sadly, after 30 hours even that wasn't enough to keep my interest anymore.

    I know some people are really gonna disagree with me but it's not some incredible 2022 GOTY like many are saying. I'd love to see the guy take the success of this version and go back and add some polish and fix it up. It's impressive one man made it, but that should never be enough to look past all the numerous issues.

  27. im trying to get clean so seeing people getting hype over games that are "addictive"… is a bit strange lol. hey at least games wont ruin your life like other things.

  28. So happy to see you guys gaining more recognition man, y'all are the best at what ya do! 🍜🗣️💪🏻🎮🕹️

  29. Heaven's Vault (choose your own SciFi adventure with an archeological twist). Had to ban it to weekend play only due to how addictive/not put-downable I found the story to be to the point I regularly found I'd played it for a good few hours before realising it was well after midnight and later.

  30. Vernal Edge is already on my list, looks awesome, addictive and really fun

  31. The Last Spell!! I've put FE and Persona on hold because of it

  32. It's a shame Dredge didn't make the list, I'm really enjoying it. I'll have to try some of these games when I've escaped these haunted eldritch islands!

  33. Ha! Funny!! I got hooked on Pirates on my Retroid Pocket 3+. I played a lot of hours on both Remnant and Have a Nice Death on my Steam Deck. Played Vernal Edge on Switch. Very spot on list.

  34. You have me so sold on No Man's Sky- but I haven't heard of Rogue Legacy 2! I really am looking into that one now 🙂

  35. The old faithful addictive game I have been playing on and off for decades…Tetris. Through its various incarnations , updates, and re-releases on Virtual Console and packaged with other puzzler-style games. Will always love it and be part of my gaming life.
    For more recent addictive game play…Round Guard. The sound effects are delightful. The art pleasant. The gameplay is …well addictive.
    Still on the Fence ref NMS. I tried it on PS4 and it was not what I was expecting. I shall give it another go bc I really like the concept.

  36. My question is how you guys review games each week. Do you ever get to finish the games you review because you guys are busy

  37. Easily have 2000+ hours on Vigor which is highly addictive for me compared to any game I've played.

  38. Remnant is so good, can't wait for Remnant 2. It's everything i wanted Hellgate London to be back in the day.

  39. My most addictive game i come back regularly to on Switch is V-Rally 4, it's like a perfect semi-arcady version of a rally game and has the same charme Screamer 2 had ages ago and i searched in racing games for just as long and didn't find it anywhere, until i played V-Rally 4 for the first time. Can't tell you what it is, the way the cars feel, the AI behaves and the maps break out of racing game conventions maybe. Or how the world you race in looks like it's alive and an actual place? Edit: Word of warning – the V-Rally 4 servers are dead, so the multiplayer and score chasing mechanics will constantly tell you they can't connect.

  40. "Everyone said that the graphic isnt like PC but the sky is blue and the world is sphere " that line hits the spot hahaha😅

  41. Remnant is the best game ever created, seriously. Haven’t played the switch version yet, but I have over 600 hours logged between pc and xbox, probably more hours in that game combined than all games I’ve ever played combined. It’s engrossingly fun, especially if you have a friend to rock out with, and ESPECIALLY if playing survival (hopefully they released all dlcs on switch version?).

    Anyway, glad to see it get a name drop, one hell of a game, plus the sequel is on it’s way in a few more months!!!

    Also.. Vernal Edge, very meh game. It’s not even really a metroidvania, it plays out more like an older Zelda title, like Zelda 2. The combat grows very stale very fast, with fighting the same few enemies over and over and over, who all get stunlocked to death unless they have a blue shield, than the bosses were just way too easy, and the length and quality of the game does not match it’s price point. Game had a lot of potential but fell really flat.

    Edit: just finished the video, so glad to see you also shout out Chained Echoes, this was probably the only turn based rpg to hold my attention for more than hour at a time. I can’t play a game unless it’s difficult, and this is literally the only difficult turn based (not tactical, i’ve played plenty difficult of those) rpg that has an actual fun and interesting combat system. I jacked the difficulty/accessibility options to the max, and let the game beat my ass over and over again until I figured out proper strategies to overcome the challenge. Also ROGUE LEGACY, such a banger of a game, after watching I’m about to go boot it back up. I gotta give Have a Nice Death a try soon as well.

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