Nintendo Has Made it “Impossible” to Pirate Switch Games

Are you looking to Pirate games on your Nintendo Switch? Good luck, because Nintendo’s security measures are so good when it comes to pirating Switch games that it’s essentially impossible to pirate games, by the strict definition of what pirating games implies.

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  1. And… the the switch can be pirated by Yuzu.
    Some 3D games are perfected. super Mario oddesy is playable. Please don’t group emulators with piracy. All the games I emulate, I either buy, them, or if they’re not selling them, then I have to pirate. Also, I but the main console if I can.

    As well, I hate Nintendo’s policies. They violate laws. If I buy my game and emulate it without a actual console, I’m not pirating. But Nintendo thinks that’s the worst thing ever,
    Just because they want to make me not able to play them cause I don’t have a console

    (I do now though)

  2. It’s not that hard to setup a network that always says yes you have the game, even just locally. You can probably hack he switch to connect to whatever instead of its website and make it think it’s the official one.

    Actually, I’m fairly certain

  3. ur underestimated them 🙂 nothing is impossible.for those nerd chinnese. soon they will exploit it..


  5. If they really wanted to reduce pirating, they should just reduce the price on digital copies of the games.. lol $60 for SKYRIM??

  6. You should look in to Yuzu they almost have it been done, so its not going to take years. For now they will have it done with in months.
    So yeah it is possible to play Games on you PC with the Yuzu emulator i have played it / tested it

  7. If you cant pirate the switch games why buy the switch? better off just buying wiiu

  8. The title is misleading bro. I like your videos but this is really bad. Also, Microsoft has the best piracy defense, not Nintendo. They haven't even found a single way to exploit and run custom firmware.

  9. Wow that sped up clip was egocentric
    “You couldn’t even begin to comprehend my intelligence”

  10. > Switch isnt as easy to emulate due to the architecture……..
    Actually Its a whole lot easier to emulate due to the architecture

  11. I try to only pirate games that the game maker isn't profiting from. I won't pirate a game like mario odyssey, but I will pirate NES games

  12. You guys need to buy the games and stop being so F***ing cheap, it feels good to me to collect the games for the consoles. It is better than having your console banned and useless and no physical copies.

  13. the game card just has an encrytion key get that key u get the game

  14. When someone says “impossible”, it’s spoken from a great level of ignorance.

  15. Easy way to pirate stuff is take folks games bahahahahaha

  16. 2019, just cracked my switch with my smartphone.
    Installed 8 marios game and a dual linux boot.

    Seem you should check before doing video
    And yes i know its 1yo

  17. theres lots of perfect emulated switch games

  18. You're a liar. Have you even heard of emuNAND? Offline pirated games on a custom NAND, and online legit games on the Switch's own harddrive.
    Please research more

  19. Bruhs, I only got one message for you all

    Don't copy that floppy

  20. First of all, fast forwarding the so called beyond comprehension gibberish (which it probably was), I and many of us here might be technically literate and insulting someone without provocation is bad taste, and second of all, people still hack their switch and I would hope they'd use a back up account, et. So, yeah video was wrong then and now. SO go jog on you dolt.

  21. him:you cant pirate switch games

    me:(playing pirated games) sure…

  22. Nope, definitely not impossible. Sigpatches COMPLETELY defeat the security for this. And staying inside EmuMMC makes it almost impossible to get banned. As for hardware revisions, all units before July of 2018 still have the fg bootrom exploit. On top of that, all "iPatched" consoles (July 2018 – Mariko) can be hacked on 1.0.0-7.0.1 through a software bug called Deja Vu. AND there are modchips on Switch Lite/Mariko that let you do that. So no. Not impossible.

  23. The people who mod dont care about online tho, they only want to play offline games

  24. But I dont even use the online features 🐸💅✨

  25. Is this guy informed? I play almost every switch and wii u games on emulators at 4k@60

  26. 'Thanks nintendo for stopping these lawless pirates!! Great job!!!' Lmaooo smh. Glad to see the like ratio

  27. Along came the RCM loader….might aswell delete this video

  28. Me who was playing pokemon sword ans shield ten mins ago on yuzu emulator with no trouble hearing this guy saying "we are many many years away from emulating the switch":Bruh can you shut tf up already

  29. i wonder how many followers you lost down right lying to people,

  30. Maybe don't skip the details and call your audience ignorant.

  31. I can easily pirate games from the “freeshop” right on my switch lololol. It honestly works better than the e’shop. You can play online on legit games as long as you take ur SD Card out with the pirated games and stay offline while playing pirated games. If you do get banned you can connect to fan made servers for most games. Also you can’t update using homebrew I’m on the latest firmware. Everything he’s saying isn’t true. The switch is the easiest console to hack this generation. I have android and Linux on this. I can emulate everything from the NES to the Wii. It’s great. Who’s having more fun here??

  32. pirating games is pretty easy now Im actully gonna hack my switch soon and pirate some games

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