Nintendo Switch Getting More Fanservice Games | Seven Pirates H

The Nintendo Switch is getting another Genkai Tokki series game. This time it’s Seven Pirates H.

Limited Edition:
Regular Edition:

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  1. Is this going to have a digital release?

  2. After all the recent news about certain anime games getting censored/cancelled at the start of this new year, This really was a sight for sore eyes. Definitely getting the collector's edition when the preorders drop!

  3. I read about that game these days. I think it looks pretty good but I would love to see a better Trailer. If I don't forget I'll try to get a physical copy.

  4. Cool to see more vita games getting rereleased on switch. Will likely pass on it, but hope everyone who picks it up has a good time!

  5. I actually went through the expensive process of getting a Vita memory card and an original JP copy, hoping I could learn JP in time to play it. My vita's analog sticks, the replacements, and finally the battery went before I could.

    I am damn happy to hear this. The Switch may not have exactly the same ideal form factor but it's a damn good system and replacement in some ways.

  6. Shame I don't have a switch, would have been a definite pick up for me. Honestly, I don't think I can convince myself to get another console anymore after what sony has been doing. You never know when they decide to flip their policies out of nowhere.

  7. Looks good, I'll definitely buy when it comes out

  8. Now hoping that Castle Panzers gets a port. I think that's the last Genkai Tokki game? Unless Monster Monpiece belonged to the series, which I don't think it is.

  9. Oh yeah, i remember seeing trailers for this back in the day, and thinking it looked good, i'll probably pick this up.

  10. inhales

  11. Finally I was hoping this would come to switch

  12. It'll be interesting to see if this gets refused classification in my region like what happened with 'Mary Skelter Final' last year. I could just use the US e-shop to buy it if it goes down that road. (sigh)

  13. Yeah, I have 7 Pirates on Vita. This is a pretty riske title. I'd be surprised if it isn't censored in some way.

  14. Hopefully the one on ps4 will get released on switch aswell

  15. So glad to see Japan pumping out quality content. My wallet opens to you..

  16. I love fan service and games like this. I showed one of my ex gfs senran kagura, biggest mistake of my life, now it's just a secret to any women I date, but I'll show my friends loud and proud. Stay based friends.

  17. I'm so tired of Sony being such a pathetic woke ass company not accepting these kinds of games on their platform anymore. It disgusts me so much.

  18. Hopefully we will get an English patch on vita version now

  19. imagine beeing such an incel that you pay money for a trash game like this

  20. U do own this game physically fo the Vita and there I'd alot of fun to be had playing it. I'm definitely picking up the collectors edition for the Switch too. Can't wait to play it in English.

  21. The Chad playasia vs the Virgin Idea factory international

  22. YellowSuperNintendo reminding me with every upload I need to buy a switch.

  23. Grabbed the limited edition for Switch. Definitely can't wait to play

  24. Well its Jan 13th and I placed my order. I wasn't quite a fan of Moero chronicles to be honest but I'll have to see how this turns out, been itching for a fun adventure game.

  25. I was able to preorder the limited edition on play Asia!

  26. based eastasiasoft
    I hope these guys can get the Bullet Girls series to the Switch as well someday

  27. Exciting news for Playstation fans moving to Nintendo

  28. i wasn't gonna get switch before but now ive changed my mind lol

  29. Im definitely gonna get this, gotta support devs that dont censor their games!

  30. For whatever reason, I thought I saw "pervert" spelled out by the title letters when they spun around at 2:23.
    Turns out you can't spell that with the available letters, but you can spell out "hentai perv ses" with everything.
    I'll chalk it up to artistic license that "ses" might as well be "sex".

  31. I didn’t expect this game to be released outside of Japan but I’m glad it is! It was a silly fun game to play and I really like the graphics (at least on the vita).

  32. Nice
    I was running out of fanservice games to play

  33. Tempted to get the limited edition as it's still apparently available but I would have assumed after a week it would have sold out by now if only 4000. I might pre-order tonight but I don't like that it t akes money away right away just to wait 6 months with money gone and no item. I prefer being charged when shipping not right at pre-order. I want to do the same to a game called Valis on Limited Run Games website as well though so why not? Never pre-ordered from either site but have used play Asia once for a UK eShop card.

  34. Moving away from dungeon crawler genre is a strange move, imo it was one of the appeals of the series since I enjoy some of the dungeon crawler traditions like being forced into battles or having to navigate labyrinths, getting loot and resource management in general, I also enjoy the Neptunia style with less intense dungeons and symbol battles, but this one is kinda looking even more low-budget than Neptunia Rebirth so idk, maybe it would be better to stick to dungeon-crawler?

  35. I'm confused, whats up on play asia just says its the asain version. but I see people talking about an official western release. is that not available to pre-order yet? or is everyone just saying that because the asian version has subs?

  36. Just made a purchase of this on PlayAsia.

  37. Have it on vita can't read a thing so this makes me happy

  38. I order a copy of this one myself recently, don't censor your games and I Will support your product. plus it looks hilarious, glad it is in third person or I would have to pass though.

  39. Bro wth this is some pedo shit, why is nintendo releasing this

    Sony should be taking notes; sex sells. Ob

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