Nintendo Switch Getting More Fanservice Games | Seven Pirates H

The Nintendo Switch is getting another Genkai Tokki series game. This time it’s Seven Pirates H.

Limited Edition:
Regular Edition:

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  1. Monster Monpiece on the Switch, please. 😀

  2. Haha. I got Seven Pirates on Vita during the store crisis last year… I'm curious as to how it will perform on Switch as well.

  3. In what region can I get the game with english sub???

  4. All the girls in this game are 19 and over NO MATTER HOW YOUNG THEY LOOK !

  5. What a time to be alive. Seven Pirates in english. 😀
    I remember finishing the Vita version a while back.
    The art style is great, in my opinion. It's simple like any JRPG.
    I hope someday it comes over to PC.

  6. I hope the rubbing minigame doesn't destroy my joycons..

  7. Ew they look like little girls. So now we're sexualizing children?

  8. Admittedly, the fact that it plays more like the Neptunia Re:Birth series appeals to me greatly. It's not that I despise first-person dungeon crawling, I'm just more accustomed to games like Neptunia. This was one of the games I tried on my Vita years ago, and I found it pretty enjoyable, even when brute-forcing my way against the language barrier. Actually kinda excited to see this finally in English.

  9. Was extremely pleasantly surprised by this announcement, preorders go live at a perfect time for me so I think i'll be able to get a copy fortunately! this release has me super hopeful for a castle panzers h, or maybe even a monster monpiece re-release sometime down the line w units from the more recent genkai tokki games? That'd be pretty cool

  10. By the way are there any Switch Games with fanservice you can recommend?

  11. Well not that surprising give sony's TLoU II full bleep scene okay anime girls in school informs or anything else on hell no 'logic'

  12. I really hope the game will port to PC uncensored, that bust size change mechanic really cool.

  13. I Love Mary skelter and neptunia, this game looks fun, will you make a review of it?

  14. All the fanservice games. Do you have a video of all fanservice games? available on console.
    Love the vids!

  15. 2:50 aaaaa, that menu gives me Mugen Souls flashbacks. My enthusiasm is dampened.

  16. Will definitly buy it, just so that they see that it is a market over here and dont stop translating those games

  17. Nintendo is always getting more and better Waifus😍😍👌

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