Off Road Wrecker Games Chaos Before The Storm!

So I got an event called The Off Road Wrecker Games!
Support Robert Blake and his family


Watch MORR Videos:
Truck & Trailer Buried In The Sand…First Major Test!

The Wrecker Just Saved This Recovery…Already A Life Saver!

The Last Test Before The Wrecker Games! Please Don’t…

Is This Illegal? Bending Federal Rules

Major Testing & KOH For World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker

Too Much Neglect…I Pushed The Bombi Too Far!

How Good Is The World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker?

It’s A Fast BEAST…The World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker!

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt’s off-road recovery!


  1. Wow – was just watching videos from the "Off Road Wrecker Games" and I have to say kudos to Lizzy for being willing to steer the Trooper and it was being pulled – some of those climbs look really scary (but fun).

  2. The W.L.H.W. is also the world's heaviest. Must be 3 tons.

  3. Our condolences to his family and friends. You all are in our thoughts and prayers

  4. And who won? No one have said a thing… Just older videos…

  5. Matt, I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend. I will be praying for him and his family.

  6. So sorry , my condolences go out to the family and all friends and YouTube family.


  8. So sorry to hear about Robert. My thoughts and prayers are with his family

  9. Thoughts and prayers to Robert's family and sorry for your loss. Feel our love surrounding you all

  10. I would say Lets Make the Next Games In the name of Robert Blake that he is not forget and not forgotten

  11. The wrecker games were Great, I can' t wait until next year!#!The greatest of ideas!

  12. That looks like so much fun! I would have LOVED to be there! Love you guys!

  13. Thoughts and prayers for all of you on the loss of Robert.

  14. Take your time guys, I hope his passing was painless and peaceful. Thank you for including us in your family.

  15. God Bless Matts Recovery and sorry for yours and our loss Robert Blake you will be missed !!

  16. where are the total thee days off the offroad games!!

  17. Mat and your support team, you guys did an amazing job with the project ( off-road wrecker challenge)!
    You definitely have developed the multi purpose heavy wrecker specific to your area business unit demands! Plus a great challenge for everyone in the area!
    The most aggressive driver & recovery community is the Merlin’s old school design! Never stopped and always on the execrator!
    The most comfortable and efficient with speed and personality was by far “trail Mater” impressive beyond anyone!
    The best overall performance from an upgraded wrecker with an easy pace is by far ‘fab rats’ with a great family basic commitment,
    Finally the “largest off road wrecker “ which was impressive beyond expectations! Consistent, reliable very easy to manipulate all types of terrain challenges for a variety of drivers!
    Excellent balance and job!

  18. What camera are you using to film your videos

  19. My heart dropped. I pray you’ll find peace and that the sting of loss is swallowed up in happiness for him as you celebrate a life well lived – he lived in God’s country with good people around and bringing joy to those around him. It’s what it’s about. Peace be with you till we meet again.

  20. Before I seen the end of the video, when seeing Robert mention “mandatory fun” I said to myself “that guy definitely was in the military “ because that is something they definitely say lol. Shout out to all of my veterans, I did 8 years. R.I.P. Robert . 🇺🇸

  21. May Robert rest in paradise and May his family find comfort and love during these difficult times ❤

  22. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, he looked like a fun guy to be around.
    Your videos are great, and I love seeing your wrecker come to fruition. Please, keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing more from all of you.

  23. Condolences for Robert Blake family and yours. Its hard when we Loose some close. I did make a donation.

    By the way how is Ed doing?? Have not seen him around lately.

  24. I've been trying to avoid everyone else's videos of the wrecker event, and I'm wondering when this channel will release the coverage. Any idea?

  25. Oh my goodness. Really sorry to hear about Robert. That's awful. Much love to you all, and condolences.

  26. Very sorry for the lost of your good friend Robert.

  27. So sorry for your loss, I just lost my previous boss that I worked for 15 years for, he was still a great friend, tragically bone cancer took him slowly. Keep up the great work.

  28. I’m so deeply sorry for your loss! May he rest peacefully.

  29. My condolences, our thoughts are with you guys during this hard time

  30. I talked to Rob on Wednesday at the boat ramp while waiting in line for registration. He came right up to my truck and immediately knew I was a veteran. We talked for a good 5 minutes about the military and where I was from. Rest in Peace Brother

  31. Is there going to be any coverage of the games? We could not come but have kept waiting to find out what happened.

  32. "This is the second assault on my sovereignty." LMAO <— posted from far away and only part way through the video…

    Edited to add that I feel for you guys. I wish to extend my condolences to all of you who knew and loved Robert. If he's the nice feller at the very end in the Razor (and manning the two lanes of waiting event registrants), I can see what you mean. Again, my thoughts are with you all.

  33. Thank you SO much for the effort put into this event. It was Amazing! I am also sorry for your loss, it was gutwrenching as that all unfolded, RIP. Kudos to everyone involved, The Teams, Shuttle crew, Vendors, The Park, & everyone else involved in making it all go so smooth, w/ such an overwhelming turnout. So Great job, you got em out!

  34. I am sorry for your loss. It’s never easy losing someone. I hope you and your team take some time to cherish and share all your memories of Robert with his family.

  35. He looked like he was having the time of his life. God bless him and his family and friends in Jesus’ name.

  36. I didn't know Robert personally, but it seems that he left behind a legacy and an imprint in a lot of hearts! My deepest condolences to those that knew him personally!

  37. 😢 sorry to hear about the loss of one your friends, I don’t know Matt personally however I have seen plenty of his videos to know how much he cares. My condolences to Robert’ family❤️

  38. Condolences to you Matt and all of Mr. Blake’s family and of course all of his friends.

  39. Thank you MORR for including Utah Public Lands Alliance and our Volunteers in the Wrecker Games. We had a great time meeting everyone that stopped by our booth to learn how they can help keep public lands open. We are deeply appreciative of the opportunity, and would like to express our sincere condolences to Robert’s friends and family

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