Official Deadstorm Pirates Arcade Game Trailer and Gameplay Footage from Namco

Namco’s newest game for 2010 is a pirate-themed shooter that will have you playing for hours! Surround yourself in the pirate ship “theater cabinet” of Deadstorm Pirates. Once inside, the player is immersed into the story. You don’t just play the game, you’re in it! The wonderful pirate storyline attracts players and keeps them playing time and time again. Players use both the recoiling gun and mounted steering wheel to shoot enemies and navigate through treacherous water all throughout the game. A new feature rewards cooperative play, a more powerful shot is created when both players shoot the same target. A great game with many different adventures that will suck players in and ensures repeat play. Coming soon to an arcade near you. Can’t find? Demand it!


  1. The final boss is pretty intense. Well done!

  2. This game was Awesome, played with my friend on arcade, i hope there have other version for this game

  3. Were you by any chance on a ship called carnival breeze?

  4. Wow~!! Amazing Ship, but I can not afford it, why

  5. I have great fun with this at the seaside in summer 2012 and I'd love to see a sequel to this game with it released properly on PC, Xbox etc. Another 1 or 2 episodes of this game would be great!

  6. Just got the chance to play this one on my local arcade. And it was awesome!

  7. Bacon lettuce tomato burgers bring me everywhere, silly.

  8. I played this at Dave & Busters in Dallas, Texas. Easily the highlight of the whole visit, my sister and I loved every minute of the game. Namco, you rock so much for continuing to release lovely arcade games. Hopefully one day I'll have a chance to play some of your other modern arcade games like Dark Escape.
    I seriously haven't played a more fun arcade game since CarnEvil from the late 90's; I love how co-op oriented it was and the art direction was great. Thanks for the experience.

  9. Apparently Deadstorm Pirates is offered in the Time Crisis: Razing Storm bundle for PS3 with Move support. I'd be extremely excited about this but my excitement is a little dulled by the fact that I can't find Razing Storm anywhere online cheaper than around $60, even though it'd been out for around two years. Namco, reprints of the game or even offering it on a Namco website for $40 would be very, very awesome. :<

  10. Glad you had fun. Definitely be on the lookout for Dark Escape. It's another great game that borrows many features from Deadstorm Pirates.

  11. how we can play without arcade?? PC, ps, xbox, wii…

  12. I played this in chuck e cheese it was really good

  13. i played this game and it was amazing! it was intense, fun, challenging, and the addition of the wheel for a third player (if there is a third one, which in my case was) was clever and intense. Overall a great arcade game! i would ask if theres a console version, but it wouldnt be exactly the same experience

  14. There is a console version, actually. It's for the PS3. The game is bundled with Time Crisis: Razing Storm.

  15. rail shooters are such an unsung genre. i honestly think that though it may not seem it there is plenty of potential for narritive if you slow it down abbit. hell you could make a title not unlike Half Life. of course that wouldn't work out in the arcade but you get my point right…

  16. I played this game at Chuck E. Cheese's with my friend yesterday, and was the best arcade game that I have honestly played in the longest time. Thank god I have a lot of tokens to play this because it was so addicting and so fun. We got to beat the game and the pirate boss at the end of the stage took forever to beat. Loved the game. I felt like a kid once again and I was shocked that I had so much fun at Chuck E. Cheese's at 18 years old. Make another game like this Namco. I'm begging you!!!!!!

  17. Just played it today at Ci Cis pizza 🙂 could not get off lol

  18. This is honestly one of the best arcade games I have ever played.

  19. This was another one by namco that was fun but the attacks take away sooo much life

  20. Hello, i sell used one in perfect conditions, in italy , if someone is interested just write me ,You can see the video in my channel , and foto in my website.

  21. too bad the wheel is broken at myn so you cant really play

  22. Played this game when I went to point pleasent. It felt great that namco went down the time crisis like route one more time. 🙂 

  23. This is my dad'd favorite arcade game, it really brings us together! Whenever we see an arcade that has it, we rush right to it. Surprisingly enough, laughing at the corny dialogue and working together to shoot skeletons and giant snakes has helped us communicate better and have a better relationship. So thanks Namco, for having something that my Dad and I can enjoy as a family.

  24. i play this game and its so amazing maybe next time i will come in that mall to play this again epic

  25. Hi there namco Bandi games u need to bring dark escape 4D to the PS3 so badly I played it in the Arcades and loved it so much please please release it to the PS3

  26. Just played this on Peter Piper Pizza for my 20th birthday and I just fell in love immediately! Gonna buy it asap, I been missing so much!!

  27. Haha me and my friend wasted about 20 dollars just to finish the game 😂😂 Very good game. Fun to play with a friend.

  28. They really need to put this game on newer consul

  29. 9 years and I'm still waiting for a Deadstorm Pirates sequel.

  30. I still like this game after 10 years

  31. this is one of my favorite arcade games. who agrees?

  32. this game was a fucking classic that i would default to playing every time i went to the local arcade.

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