Official Deadstorm Pirates Arcade Game Trailer and Gameplay Footage from Namco

Namco’s newest game for 2010 is a pirate-themed shooter that will have you playing for hours! Surround yourself in the pirate ship “theater cabinet” of Deadstorm Pirates. Once inside, the player is immersed into the story. You don’t just play the game, you’re in it! The wonderful pirate storyline attracts players and keeps them playing time and time again. Players use both the recoiling gun and mounted steering wheel to shoot enemies and navigate through treacherous water all throughout the game. A new feature rewards cooperative play, a more powerful shot is created when both players shoot the same target. A great game with many different adventures that will suck players in and ensures repeat play. Coming soon to an arcade near you. Can’t find? Demand it!


  1. Looks sweet. This is getting packaged with Time Crisis: Razing Storm and will be Move compatible for the PS3. Definitely buying that bundle when it comes out. Can't wait!

  2. THIS IS COMING TO PS3 , WOOT WOOT !!!!!!!!!!

  3. dude !! I from what Ive seen ,.. lol I like pirates more than razing storm,.. !! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cant wait for Move to come out ! ,..
    Plus you know we will get all the wii light games uprezed,.. If you get Dead Space 2,.. they give you Wii's Dead Space:Extraction for the Move for free,.. (and that game was really good,..),..
    And with alot more precision,..

  4. Cool game. I think it is coming to ps3. Too bad I do not own it.



  7. I so can't wait to play this (along with Razing Storm) at home on the PS3, and will finally be able to use my Guncon 3 for something else, besides Time Crisis 4! Now I know getting a PS3 was definitely worth it, thanks to this compilation! Hopefully home ports of The House Of The Dead 4, Virtua Cop 3, The Ocean Hunter, Lethal Enforcers 3, and the Police 911 games won't be too far behind either. Time Crisis 5 is also supposed to be coming out within a couple of years too!

  8. Yellow Dart or the artist formally known as iNvicta Studios says:

    I actually played this game at my arcade. Awesome.

  9. i go up to wildwood NJ and me and my dad love playing this arcade game

  10. haha ~~ finally another game for my guncon 3 ~~
    ive only been using it for time crisis 4 :p

  11. @7cal yes move will be compatibile and so is the guncon3 time crisis:razing storm is getting bundles with the move because the move comes out on the same day as time crisis razing storm

  12. I loooooove this game duh becusz im a 10 year old

  13. i played this at disney land and me and my friend are hooked plus we got one of the high scores

  14. I've played this game with my sister and we were like,DAMN!!FUCK IT!How;'d we fight this snake!!fuuuuuuck!!! hahahaha!!sooo funny!! well,it's kinda hard since im using the controller,not the gun.if the gun,would be so much fun!but nevertheless,it was awesome!!

  15. i love this game lol, just invented dual wielding try playing as two people by yourself its so funny Xd

  16. @PSMOVER i've done that with Let's Go Jungle (which happens to be the inspiration for Deadstorm Pirates)

  17. I'd buy the new Time Crisis only to play this.

    Do I need PlayStation Move for it or are there other controls possible?

  18. Pirates and their rapid fire revolvers that shoot lasers out of a limitless clip.

  19. looks 2 repetitive wouldnt buy it independently for $30

  20. I played this game at chuckie cheeses. Its badass.

  21. @verdomtnochmal Yes it does.

  22. I saw this at the arcade it looked very lame played it with a friend ….BEST ARCADE GAME EVAR!

  23. We went to a arcade today.
    We tried this game, and before we knew we spended 30 bucks for it.
    Its amazing ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. @erichop1 We're glad you had a good time.Thanks for your support.

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