OG Fortnite Is IN TROUBLE!

OG Fortnite Is Getting BANNED..
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  1. Forget maps I wanna play it for real I’m gonna make my own maps, my own live events, my own custom weapons whatever but I want to play creative 2.0

  2. epic should add the old map themselves as a gamemode as well as without building

  3. everyone: the one piece luffy pirate ship
    this dude: cartoon boat

  4. They named the hogs Burt as a chicken little reference

  5. Damn but epic is destroying creative2.0

  6. 3:14 The pain when tommy calls the thousand sunny a cartoon sailboat

  7. The reason why the boards were called burn is because for short while in chapter 4 season one they were black and meet my friends would always joke around about them being burnt and they came out of the toaster wrong and I guess epic might’ve been monitoring us so

  8. They banning them because they only want people playing the new chapter 4 map

  9. if they think giga chad is toxic they need to get rid of the laughing donkey emote cause way too many people use that every time they fucking kill you

  10. BR is getting kind of stale tbh i hope they find a way to ramp things up

  11. So you have to be 18+ to make a creative map but 13+ for a terminate?

  12. he called the sunny a custom sail boat😭😭😭😭😭

  13. The cartoon boat is actually The Going Merry from One Piece.

  14. epic games is going in to YouTube’s policy restricting levels it is stupid

  15. That’s not just a cartoon boat it’s an anime boat and it’s from one piece

  16. bro said the guy made a cartoon sail boat its the one piece anime Sunny boat

  17. I started playing today after 2 years, I am extremely disappointed of what epic. The old was so good, I don't even know in which season or chapter I am playing. The old was so good, I wish if they bring the olf back

  18. Bro called the Going Merry from One Piece a cartoon sailboat 💀

  19. They should add prox chat in creative 2.0

  20. Idk I just wanted to let you know that the fox clan is a historic rivals the reason I know this is if you go to the mizuki npc as stray she will say, “Can I ever forgive you for leaving the River Guard for out historic rivals.” Chapter 4 season 3 river guardians vs fox clan?

  21. Ngl I was only excited for the og maps for creative 2.0. But maybe they might be bringing it back?

  22. BRUHHHH i gotta be an adult to build in a game💀

  23. Was gonna get fortnite back but no og map never mind

  24. Dose he know that the pulse rifel is back

  25. I was making a 4 V 4 Team Deathmatch parkour map and I am on your eighteenth so now I can't post it

  26. They literally work on anything that isnt save the world

  27. I hope they expand the memory limit cuz I want to see crazy maps like some fusion of the 4 maps. (Avoiding collab stuff so it doesn't get rejected/banned like Boderlines, Batman, Deadpool, etc )

  28. Can I get banned if I play the og Fortnite maps from atlas and reboot royale?

  29. How is it copyright for people to make other games in creative 2.0? It’s not like epic themselves made it. It’s a fan made replica. Epic made possibly the biggest update to their game ever and is immediately trying to self sabotage it. You don’t have to be 18 to upload a creative 1.0 map, why is 2.0 different? Bc it’s more technologically advanced? How is that a justification?

  30. I don't see a problem with them banning the OG map, what if they plan on bringing back one day, there would be no hype for it if they allowed this

  31. The sail boat is the 1000 sunny from one piece

  32. 1:51 Its actually the toxic communities that hate on the positive and uplifting communities who use it positively, but the toxic communities want nothing of it, and Epic doesn't wanna piss them off.

  33. I don’t want it back it needs to stay in memories and nostalgia, it coming back or being back will completely kill that feeling when we ponder on those memories

  34. The amount of pain I felt when he said "cartoon boat" is unimaginable

  35. Bro just called the one peice boat a cartoon boat💀

  36. Man called luffys boat a cartoon💀💀

  37. HeyStan is now internationally active! Wow that suprised me

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