Orioles vs. Pirates Game Highlights (4/5/24) | MLB Highlights

Orioles vs. Pirates full game highlights from 4/5/24

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  1. So much young talent between these two teams. It’s refreshing to see the bucs and o’s compete again.

  2. Well deserved for getting best ballpark. I'd want a high seat behind home plate there and Where the Giants play.

  3. Cruz swing is so compact but he’s so strong so it’s perfect

  4. Nothing like some sleet and a balmy 35 degrees for opening day 😂.

  5. The O's are so talented. They're going easily make the playoffs with that batting order.

  6. what about an old fashiond NFL holdout …whr more money is requested ….redskins coat ….showing up at games in the coat …wantin more money ….late may …maybe …prepared to take it all the way ….what abou tthat …?…..but in baseball …

  7. Jared Jones looked phenomenal today, his bullpen just didn’t pull through but that’s a dominant performance none the less

  8. I'm as much an O's fan as anyone, but I saw several games at old 3 Rivers. Stargell, Clemente, Mays, McCovey, Pete Rose. If there's one game every year I hate to see any team lose it's their home opener. Anyway, go O's!!

  9. 日本のオリオールズファンです。オリオールズが地区優勝とワールドシリーズ優勝をしてほしいです。

  10. Games like this is why pitcher win-losses are so overrated

  11. I noticed the umpires are always wanting to hold the pitcher's hands

  12. The Baltimore Orioles are 5-2🟠⚫️⚪️

  13. O’Neil Cruz going to look good as a Met soon

  14. Everyone knows Baltimore has the best stadium there is.All of these stadiums that have came since its opening are actually trying to copy it.

  15. O'neil será grande en este deporte

  16. The O's are no joke. Their offense is consistent, and will just get better when Jackson Holliday comes up. The starting pitching is dominant, especially with the addition of Corbin Byrnes. The middle relief corps of Columbe and Cano is solid. Losing a closer like Bautista hurts, but bringing in one of the greatest closers in history to replace him is a winning move.

  17. What a game by Cedric Mullins. He had a nice diving catch to end the inning and had a great lead off solo home run to seal the game.

  18. パイレーツ🏴‍☠️あれ?

  19. O’s are too strong, coming from a Yankees fan

  20. I don’t know how Bob Nutting (Pirates Owner) can walk into that ballpark on opening day and be satisfied with not even half of the seats filled.

    Someone please come save the Pirates.

  21. Probably the best matchup this weekend in MLB!

  22. Women broadcasters in male sports just doesn't belong .. Sorry

  23. This Orioles roster is stacked despite the former owner, John Angelos. Now we got a new owner who is willing to spend big money for a change. This Os team is only going to get better, much better. Lets go Orioles Magic in 2024!

  24. Pittsburgh has NOTHING on Camden Yards

  25. Grayson throwing that high heat, absolutely NASTY…Pirates pitcher was throwing some nasty stuff too

  26. jack suwinski needs sent down can’t hit water in the middle of the ocean

  27. 3 years ago I would not have taken time out of my day to watch these two teams. Good for you guys.

  28. At least we win the best ball park award every year!

  29. Jared Jones did an awesome job again
    5:31 Cruz waving towards the camera 😅
    The bullpen before this had been doing great even without two of their best relievers (on the IL), unfortunately this game they couldn't keep it up
    Jared Triolo's first homer of the year was nice to see (though I unfortunately missed it when watching the game)
    The snow was cool

  30. :..right here in what USA Today recently ranked as the very best ballpark in major league baseball."

    Their Readership Said Otherwise:

    "Oriole Park at Camden Yards named Best Ballpark in America, according to USA Today's readers." IJS 🤷🏾‍♀

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