Orlando Pirates | 2022/23 DStvPrem | #SowetoDerby | vs Kaizer Chiefs | Post Match Press Conference

2022/23 DStv Premiership
Orlando Pirates vs Kaizer Chiefs
FNB Stadium
Saturday, 29 October 2022
FT || OPFC 0 – 1 KCFC

Post Match Press Conference

Orlando Pirates
First Team Coach | José Riveiro

#DStvPrem #SowetoDerby


  1. Pirates must win mtn 8 and carling black label to show that they are the best tell them coach

  2. Guys iam woried about the culture of pirates and stayle every time when Dr Khoza employ the caoch he doesn't include legend of the team who going insist the culture of the pirates is about quick football

  3. Iam also not going to accept a lose against amazulu the players know Ndlondlo must bench and Loach must start the game

  4. We going to lose next weekend, mark my word🤞

  5. What a coach who defends his players keep it up sir

  6. Pirates team played the Mandla Ncikazi style. playing with a false number nine Kermit. with so many strikers but it looks like they will never play.

  7. It is very hard to defend Mpontshane at this point in time.

  8. Most of you are blaming mpotsane but if you know football ndlondlo is the person who must be blamed for loosing a ball.

  9. So disappointing we become a yoyo team no consistent , no second plan

  10. I blame the coach for our loss,he made a wrong decision to start with Lepasa because his our game changer. And than half time he made wrong subs taking out Lepasa for makaringe who's out of form. He was supposed to bring in Ben early and stabilize our middle

  11. Well done coach but my team win ✌️✌️✌️💃💃💃💃😅😅

  12. A lot needs to be done to the phychology of the players to instill the winning mentality, confidence & motivation. Confidence and winning mentality stirs players ability to create. Lastly, Dion Hotto has been underperforming, he shouldn't be fielded going forward.

  13. This s the game we had to lose coach it fine, it will help the players to win next weekend. We can't lose the final, it comes once

  14. A game can't be "boring" just because you LOST coach…that's not how it works.Your team benefited last weekend…if Chiefs also benefited so be it!!!💛💙👆👆🙏🙏

  15. Just like boxing, styles make games. The team wasn’t expecting Chiefs to be sitting back and trying to counter, that messed up their entire plan. Second half was better. We move forward though☠️

  16. Thanks Media team to record the QUESTION

  17. Great coach… Keep Goin pirates.. We hv a Fina to look forward to

  18. I am not going to accept a loss against AmazuluZ we have to win. Ndlondlo must sit on bench

  19. EISH but Mpotshane; what was going inside the permeate box ?

  20. It was not our game and he is building a good team

  21. Mpontshi was having a good game till that goal.
    Ndlondlo was reckless

  22. But the game was a bit Boring, it was not one of the best games maybe for Chiefs

  23. You must win that final please make us happy my coach can change Hotto and bring mako or pule

  24. We got the most greatest coach and beautiful human being here tjooooo🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  25. The 1 thing I picked up of Jose; he doesn't discuss his tactics with the media and refuses to focus on individual players. That keeps everyone guessing and media have no sensational headlines they can write about him.

  26. No matter how much they try to poke at the coach, he is so calm and they can't break him. They were desperately looking for something big to put on their headlines and the coach was not giving them anything. I love this coach

  27. Thanx for including questions from journalists

  28. If this one was boring. Which one was not boring coach ?

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