Orlando Pirates vs. Kaizer Chiefs – Game Highlights

Watch the Game Highlights from Orlando Pirates vs. Kaizer Chiefs, 03/05/2022


  1. Why upload late? This would be trending if you posted on time

  2. You must hire the new admin, the current dude is useless or bring back the old admin.

  3. The two teams need to get rid of their coaches we need competetion next season

  4. So you only upload this today? 🙄🙄 Should we take this channel seriously? 😥😥😥 I have to unsubscribe!! 💔💔💔

  5. The game was on Saturday, admin. 🙄 And you post it 3 days later. Is it because Chiefs won? 😂

  6. What a goel that.s not a ofside they.r cheat on chefis

  7. You always take days to upload psl matches😏

  8. It took too long to upload this, Supersport do better 😕

  9. Y’all should’ve just kept the footage if you were going to upload it this late

  10. Ngabe nevele nayekela ngoba angifuni with the highlights

  11. U boring now why u put the highlights so long admin

  12. like why so long? are you a pirates fan like diski TV?


  14. I'm wondering why all platforms display similar highlights.

  15. Why after 15 days you only upload? Is it because you're a Rat fan admin?

  16. You need to post highlights a few hours rafter the match. What you’re doing is unacceptable

  17. This supersport you tube channel is so useless

  18. Supersport you're failing over 3million subscribers with these delays. We forced to watch bootleg channels for highlights

  19. The standard of South African football is appalling to say the least, from players to officiating. We are far from being international contenders

  20. Kwame Peprah is very effective and dangerous. He will score more goals for Orlando pirates. Trust

  21. Mxm useless 💔. You post the highlights so late.. Are u Pirates fans💔. Useless supersport 💔. These highlights were going to trend only if u posted early..

  22. When chiefs won they are always late to upload the highlights, we know now

  23. Uploading highlights 3 days late!!😮

  24. some of the officiating was poor. offside calls when the goal is onside and goals given when the goal is offside. This league desperately needs VAR

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