Orlando pirates vs Mamelodi sundowns (Pirates was robbed of a penalty?)

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  1. Pirates had the best game than Sundowns with their referee favoring them, Sundowns can be beaten!

  2. Pirates was robbed a penalty, a foul from Monare… Referee was man of the match

  3. For a very long time, we have known that many officials were supporters of Pirates and Chiefs. You mean Sundowns now has some supporters as well?Come on Pirates! You just lost. Accept it

  4. Zwane was a selfish in that one instance…. Good game from pirates though

  5. Mxm you freeze it to try and sell a story😂😂😂kby👆👆👆

  6. Rubbish, Mpontshane's tackle on Abubaker Nasir was a penalty. Not this nonsense

  7. Mfowethu that was a penalty finish and klaar😡😡😡amajita they must know if you're a defender your job is to defend qha bro yam that goal was not supposed to be a goal we were too casual there bro🤦🤦🤦

  8. When are you guys fined for missiles on the field ,????1 hit Mudau and he was bleeding,,,.’play soccer stop mourning

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