P and Q episode 194 – Expensive or cheap airbrush?, Pirate games…

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  1. Arctic roll is the dessert you were thinking of.

  2. Great video as always, my brother!
    For next time: What is your hacker cheesy movie of all time?
    Take care, my brother!
    ~ Wolfbrother Methos

  3. Great P&Q 👍
    Q: what are your thoughts on MDF Terran kits.

  4. ok how many ponts is your ork army ? thare me must have last 10 oooooo pnts got do new cont and with new book a nerw army list BBBBLLEEEKK but willl see bout that might do a vid and see more

  5. The ice cream roll yeah it’s good. My favourite sweet is the flying saucers.

  6. Nice show Pete. Yeah I plan do make a follow up video on the brushes once I have used them for a fair while. Have you ever used a sharpie to paint? What is your opinions on this form of 'painting'?

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