Palworld Crossing

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  1. Dude just asked a question. No one had to be shot 😢

  2. ive seen Animal Crossing. I like Stardew Valley better 🙂

  3. Did that…did that chicken at the end call u a racial slur..?

  4. Did that…did that chicken at the end call u a racial slur..?

  5. That would solve the debt problem for sure.

  6. Tom Nook does that if you don't pay him back.

  7. have you heard about the three pals cut from the game? I just made a video showing them off

  8. "Is this the new animal crossing?"
    Yeh, I suppose you could say we're helping the animals cross (over to the afterlife).

  9. 40 year old men losing their minds over a incomplete game just because it's pokemon with guns. Y'all some low threshold men forsure.

  10. LongVinter or ColdVinter is animal crossing with guns

  11. Maybe it's just me, but almost every time I see a short of him describing this game, it boils down to "it's kinda like that, but I can shoot things."

  12. It's animals crossing the river styx alright

  13. Does nobody else think this guy sounds like howard stern???

  14. Just you slowly walking out with the musket made me almost shit myself

  15. just wait till he gets his hands on the butcher knife

  16. “Nook better watch his ass if he comes around here asking about that rent.”

  17. That “weehoow” sound is stolen from Slimerancher.

  18. That’s one way to get rid of ugly villagers though

  19. I mean Froggy chair is in the game sooo…

  20. and to think the main reason you can't do it in animal crossing is the the devs think more of you don't want it than do

  21. Love how everyone is building their bases in the same spot! Every video

  22. This is animal crossing from tom nooks perspective

  23. yeah you may have never done that in AC…. but you should be able to lol

  24. Finally official Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal crossover

  25. Wtf we have the exact base setup

  26. Dude why do you purposely talk in only that tone you look like Sméagol

  27. I don't know how, but Thor and I picked the same base location. I just started yesterday because my brother got the game for me. Having a blast so far!

  28. When Tom Nook collects his money in Palword he is coming for them knee caps strapped up and ready to act up.

  29. I just realized, Palworld is literally just DOOM Crossing.

  30. That is the same place I put my bases

  31. I started an indie development channel from your influence!

  32. I've played enough video games to know you never attack the chicken

  33. I also don't see that in a Pokemon game.

  34. Lmao you chose the same starting point as me

  35. Yo. I'm camped in the exact same spot.
    Homie got taste.

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