Party Hardy Har by LMFAO (Made-Up Karaoke Challenge)

Is your pirate ship lit? #shorts #gamechanger

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  1. Well played lol I wasn't sure how they'd make this one happen

  2. i need more made up karaoke challenge more than anything else in the world

  3. "If the captain comes up on the ship, you know you gotta give the captain respect (YO HO) All my party party pirates, everybody hit the deck"
    how can one adlib stuff this hilariously good

  4. This ends up actually sounding like a lonely island and Bo Burnham Collab

  5. I was in middle school when LMFAO was at its peak, and I can 100% hear this banger being played at a party! 😂😂😂

  6. How tf did they do this on the fly?! 😂😂😂

  7. So you've been on my friend's pirate ship at Burning Man? That's what this sounds like. And I'm totally serious, the sails are fire.

  8. Navigate by the stars 😂 that dudes a National Treasure

  9. upon googling i’ve found out that REDFOO IS THE SON OF BERRY GORDY WHAT THE HELL

  10. Alestorm has changed a lot since their last album 😂

  11. Oh hey it's zach reino. havent seen him in a while since offbook is no longer

  12. I really love when a moment of melody comes out in a song that’s mostly rhythm, so when I heard “navigate by the stars” believe me when I say I really fell in love with that line

  13. I like how they took „hardy har“ to mean pirates rather than laughing

  14. I think pirates was the only right way to go with this, in what other context is hardy har supposed to make sense

  15. Zach carried this one a lot, but Ross still did a great job

  16. Can’t stop replaying “all my party party pirates, everybody hit the deck” it just goes so well with the instrumental that it gets me so hype

  17. I think this is the only clip where they improvised a song that I wasnt fond of… but only because the lyrics felt a little bit lackluster and the pirate theme just felt out of place

  18. The song Teminite cut from "Raise the Black Flag"

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