Party Hardy Har by LMFAO (Made-Up Karaoke Challenge)

Is your pirate ship lit? #shorts #gamechanger

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  1. Is this just treasure chest party quest and P.A.R.T.Y. by Alestorm but electro style?

  2. lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon says:

    why is this such a bop

  3. As a person with a slight lisp, major props to Zach for nailing that rap, sounds like my nightmare

  4. As someone who is obsessed with sea shanties…….

    This is the best one

  5. I am obsessed with whatever Ross is doing with his arms

  6. I want to have a actual song of this because I know I would listen to it everwhere

  7. Navigate by the stars got me good

  8. I live that there’s nothing in the prompt that actually implies a pirate theme. Hardy hat bar is (1) a cartoon character or (2) a sarcastic laugh and yet these two somehow immediately converged on pirate.

  9. I dont think i will ever consume any media again besides this video

  10. “Is the shit on your ship the shit” or whatever WENT SO HARD

  11. Sam prepared this episode for his own pure pleasure he is the joy in every second of it

  12. I would listen to the full remastered version of thia

  13. Can see this being at 3OH!3 song from 2011

  14. ♤ [[ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ sᴘᴏɴɢᴇ. ]] ♤ says:

    when is it going on spotify 🤩🤩

  15. this shit has been in my head for like a week straight now. keep catching myself going "party hardy har" at random points in the day

  16. This is the best pirate song after yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

  17. this sounds like itd come from victorious lmao

  18. This has become one of my favorite Game Changer moments.

  19. That …sounds exactly like a LMFAO song…
    Edit: I've only heard like 2 entire songs from them and this is both of them lol

  20. Why does this sound more like The Lonely Island

  21. Literally just had a random earworm of this songs

  22. this episode needs a sequel, a spinoff, or just a special episode on Make Some Noise since the theme kind of overlaps

  23. Why is this the kind of song that would end up in my playlist? 😂 😂

  24. This happened while I was washing portr pottys for a living

  25. Not gonna lie, if I heard this on the open sea, I might think I ended up in One Piece.

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