Party Hardy Har by LMFAO (Made-Up Karaoke Challenge)

Is your pirate ship lit? #shorts #gamechanger

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  1. Our Flag Means Death S2E6, “Calypso’s Birthday”

  2. god the gravel in Ross' voice coming out as he says "everybody hit the deck!" is so incredibly tasty

  3. Yeah theyre usually good but im not gonna pretend this sounds anything like lmfao

  4. I'm gonna tell my kids this is The Lonely Island.

  5. I love how immediately after this, Zach had a "Wtf was I on about with that pirate shit" moment.

  6. Watched that episode about 7 times in a row when it came out 😂

  7. It’s red foo and the other one followed by get lit sent me into orbit

  8. "is your pirate ship the shit and is that shit on the pirate ship real lit" goes so hard

  9. Imagine sailing and then suddenly hearing that as a storm approaches

  10. How did he just rhyme 'Har' with 'Navigate by the stars' on the spot..?

  11. So the pirate ship is lit? I hope they can swim away before the gun powder store blows up… XD

  12. This unironically goes harder than any modern song you can find nowadays.

  13. I have never been this early and I am glad I am.

  14. Yes, this is definitely a song I would listen to in 2011 and I would still listen to it now

  15. IM AMAZED They can literally improv anything and make it sound so good IM OBSESSED 😭😭

  16. They cut off the bit where Sam correctly says, "That clip somehow already has a million views on YouTube."

  17. That “is your ship the shit” line is so good 😗👌🏾

  18. their ability to recreate the vibe of the artists is amazing

  19. If this gonna be part of the soundtrack, I can't wait for Pirates 6

  20. "I have no idea how but that clip already has millions of views"

  21. all pirates rejoice, there’s pirate pop now

  22. using the fog as a cover, the pirates attract victims by PARTYHARDYHAR'ing

  23. My first thought was I want this to be sung on the next season of Our Flag Means Death 😅

  24. If there were some crass words thrown in this 100% sounds like Hollywood Undead 😂. Think ‘Everywhere I Go’

  25. insane how good this is like legitimately 😭

  26. Goddamnit Sam we better get more of these, because Jesus Christ this is too impressive.

  27. When the nerdy kids join the freestyle circle🔥🔥

  28. Spoilers:

    No episode deserved a three way tie more than this one. Every song was perfect.

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